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Invest in grassroots climate action across Colorado with up to $2,000 in donations MATCHED for each team! 

Support 350 Colorado Springs

For 90 years, Martin Drake Power Plant has rained coal ash and pumped toxic chemicals into its surrounding communities. Drake is slated to close by 2023, but the city has no plans to address the ongoing health issues it has given nearby residents. This year, 350 CO Springs will launch and sustain a campaign to ensure a just and equitable transition away from Drake.

To achieve our goals this year, we need your help raising $2,500 by March 20th to keep our part-time local team coordinator, engage new people through digital marketing, and purchase supplies for creative, art-based actions that you can do from home.



Support 350 Northern Colorado

As wildfires surrounded Northern Colorado last year and smoke filled our lungs for months on end, the call for climate action was never louder. Yet our state elected officials continue to opt for incremental change and watered-down carbon-reduction benchmarks.

In 2021, our team is committing ourselves to climate justice. We will work for solutions that protect all Northern Colorado residents from the impacts of fossil fuel development and the climate crisis…but we need your help!

To help us pack local fracking regulations and bring in more diverse voices, we need to raise $2,000 by March 20th.



Support 350 Metro Denver

The 350 Metro Denver team is transforming the local environmental movement by bridging the gap between the white and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) environmental activists. We need your support to build community engagement and ensure that Denver is a greener, more liveable city for all, no matter your background.

In 2021, we are taking on two of Denver’s biggest sources of pollution — The Suncor Oil Refinery and transportation. Together we will work to expand safe, equitable, and sustainable public transportation options for ALL Denver-Metro residents. We will stand with neighboring communities to Suncor to demand a just transition for this notorious polluter.

To achieve our goals, we need your help raising $3,500. Please donate today to ensure Denver is a national leader in climate justice



Support 350 Roaring Fork

The Roaring Fork Valley has already proven to be a leader in innovative climate solutions, but our work is far from over. Although we may not have fossil fuel infrastructure at our doorsteps, our cities are financing fossil fuels through municipal investments, banking contracts, and insurance. We need to rally the valley to go fossil-free!

To run effective campaigns we need a budget to reach new volunteers through advertisements, expand our digital toolkit with tools like Zoom, and pay for translation services to ensure we are engaging everyone in the valley.

To help us ensure our towns are powered by 100% renewable energy and free of fossil fuel investments, we need to raise $3,000 before March 20th! 



Support 350 Boulder County

When state politics get in the way of action, our local communities must step up to lead the way in rapidly reducing emissions. Thanks to your support, Boulder County has become a national example and testing ground for municipal climate policy, with our successes used as models for other towns and cities across Colorado. We need your donation to continue doing this important work.

We must raise $3,000 by March 20th to fund our campaigns to ensure Boulder County remains frack-free, train and engage thousands of new activists from diverse perspectives, and stop the money pipeline to fossil fuels through innovative divestment campaigns. To achieve all this, we need your support to fund our local organizer, reach more people through digital marketing, and host free events for community members like you.



Fund Local Climate Action

 All donations are 501c3 tax-deductible & up to $2,000 will be MATCHED by 350 Colorado for each team.

Donate by Check: Make payable to “350 Colorado” and mail to PO Box 607, Boulder, CO 80306. Please write the local team you would like your donation to be directed to in the notes.

Donate by Stock: Email Moriah at or call/text 601-788-7430. We sell stock immediately upon receipt.