We’re in the thick of winter with spring most likely not around the corner. Snow must be shoveled whether we like it or not. Choosing how to do it without adding any, or very little, to your carbon footprint is entirely possible. 

Obviously human-powered is the only zero-emission snow removal method. Just make sure you have the right kind of shovel and get at it. From a pricey ergonomic shovel to a handy collapsible one for your car, there are many shovel options here:


For those with aching backs, knees, or who could simply use some help, snow blowers need not blow up your energy usage. Gas-powered snow blowers may be tempting but don’t do it. Not only are they stinky, noisy and use fossil fuel to power, but they can also be heavy and expensive. So, skip em.

Go with electric (careful of the cord) or battery-operated blowers and you can still get the same power you would with gas-powered.  

Choosing one depends on how large the area is that you need to clear, the terrain, and how much snow you get. These sites should get you going: 



And thank you for keeping those sidewalks clear! 🙂