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Throughout 2016, 350 Colorado is rallying supporters to take part in a monthly Eco-Challenge designed to start us on a path to a Fossil-Free lifestyle.  Join the movement and participate with us!  Each Eco-Challenge is designed to be an easy and fun way to remind ourselves that each of us CAN contribute and make a difference starting NOW.

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Slide 2 is July Eco ChallengeJULY ECO-CHALLENGE: Eco-Transportation

Can you reduce your fossil fuel transportation this month, and beyond?

It’s July.  The weather is nice and the days are long.  Let the sunshine and warmth motivate you to ditch the car (or maybe carpool) and/or use an alternative way of transportation.  

If you’re considering buying a car, explore options with high fuel economy, or car share alternatives.

Close to work?  Make some extra time to walk, smell the flowers, and enjoy some fresh air. Grab your bike and hit the many bike lanes, bike paths, or even roads.

Not so close ?   Maybe carpooling is an option for you, your co-worker, or neighbor.  Public transportation has many routes and is accessible from most locations.

Going out?   Headed out for dinner, play, hike?  No matter what the occasion (mostly), there’s an alternative option for you.

Helpful Resources to get you Eco-Motorin’ along!

*Bike / Walk Commuting:

There are numerous bike/walking paths throughout Colorado.


Bustang, the new Interregional Express Bus service from the Colorado Department of Transportation. Bustang connects commuters and travelers to and from Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Glenwood Springs and more. This comfortable, cutting-edge transportation alternative connects Colorado’s busy I-25 and I-70 corridors during peak commuter hours, Monday through Friday.

*Colorado’s Light Rail Service (including new service to Denver International Airport):

*RTD Bus:


Find your perfect carpool or rideshare for work or for any trip, and reduce those toll fees.

*Car Share:

Car sharing is a type of car rental service for people who want to rent cars for short periods (a few hours) and only pay for their usage ( how long you have a car and distance travelled).

Metro area:

Denver based:

Boulder based:  

*In the market to buy?

Consider buying a highly fuel efficient, electric, hybrid, or alternative fuel vehicle.

You can even receive a tax credit on Electric vehicles.  Check out greeneyedmotors

as a resource for buying new or used fuel efficient vehicles.  

*Are you a business wanting to explore options for you, your company, or co-workers?  

Check out Boulder Transportation Connections.
Thanks for participating! Please share this month’s Eco-Challenge with friends and family!