(Posted on behalf of Bob and Kay Parker)  
Hello friends and fellow activists,parade

Thank you, Thank you to all of you who participated in our 2nd Annual entry in the FIBArk Parade!

We want to get back with you on how well the 350 Central Colorado entry in the Salida FIBArk Parade did.  There was somewhere around 36 people and one Polar Bear who either marched directly or who put some serious time, creativity and energy into making it happen.

conference bikeThis Conference Bike is owned by Mike Potts. Some of the riders are Max Senter, Josh Bernard,Ripleigh Potts and Felix Roberts

We are sending out massive thanks to Mike Potts and the enthusiastic and skillful riders of the Conference Bike.

Mel and B Strawn along with an energetic group of sign painters created the float that the Conference Bike pulled. unnamed

Now for our next action:

We will be hosting the screening of either “Last Rush For The Wild West” or “Dear Governor Hickenlooper”.  The “Last Rush For The Wild West” will cost us $150 to $250 to screen while “Dear Governor Hickenlooper” should be free.  We are trying for “Last Rush For The Wild West” because it addresses the first ever oil sands mining in the US with toxic runoff that will impact the White River, the Green River and the Colorado River.  This is a movie the rafting population in Salida and Buena Vista will want to see so we are hoping to screen it while so many river people are still here.  If it turns out we can’t afford the first then we will show the second which is about fracking in Colorado.  Both films are about the overreach of the fossil fuels industry and how that overreach affects us even in sheltered Central Colorado.

eat localThis Movie Evening will be Sunday, August 2, 6:00 P.M. at the First Presbyterian Church in Salida.  There will be a discussion afterward.

We will be sending you the formal invite to the screening as soon as the particulars are in place.

We want to remind you about EcoWatch   http://ecowatch.com/newsletter-signup/

This is some of the best written and presented eco news emailed to you free everyday.

We want to remind you of Arcadia Power   http://www.arcadiapower.com/how-it-works

Arcadia Power enables us to be on 100% renewable energy without needing the start-up costs of Solar.  Solar is wonderful. But for those of us who don’t have the many thousands to invest right now Arcadia Power works very well.  If you decide to use Arcadia Power please tell them we sent you.  It will give you and us $30 bucks off our next bill.

buy local eat localYour friends and fellow activists,

Kay and Bob


Slushy says Hi too!


​     Slushy and Kay with Bobbi, Ron, Sandy, Gene and Lori.