“For millennia, we have depended on a stable climate, which has shaped every part of our way of life. Now, we face the frightening reality that this foundation will crumble within our lifetimes unless we take immediate and decisive action to transform our energy system. Communities across America are already feeling severe impacts, with working-class people and people of color being hit hardest. Wind and solar energy are now cheaper than the polluting oil, gas, and coal of yesterday. If we stop wasting billions in taxpayer money giving handouts to oil and gas CEOs, we can halt climate change and create tens of millions of jobs by upgrading America’s outdated infrastructure. We could enter a new age of prosperity and health and bring forward the people this country has left behind.” – Sunrise Movement

Teams across the front range supported the Green New Deal this week calling on local representatives to sign onto the Green New Deal.

Right now, we’re in a crucial moment to show the strength of our movement for climate justice: presidential hopefuls are starting to announce their candidacies, and new Congressional leaders are defining their priorities for the year ahead. Now, it’s up to us to make sure they embrace the bold, just climate action we need.

We have already seen the power of activists mobilizing in the halls of Congress this winter to change the future of climate politics and make the Green New Deal a possibility. So we’re hitting the ground running to keep up the momentum.

350 Denver Team

350 Denver hosted an event at Diana DeGettes’s office delivering petitions last week in a national week of action.

Calling on our representatives to:

  • Halt all new fossil fuel extraction, infrastructure and subsidies, and transition power generation to 100% renewable energy by 2035 or sooner.
  • Rapidly decarbonize agriculture and transportation sectors and expand access to public transportation.
  • Ensure a Fair & Just Transition led by impacted workers and communities, including low income and communities of color, without relying on corporate schemes or market-based mechanisms.
  • Uphold Indigenous Rights
  • Pass a national jobs guarantee, creating good jobs with collective bargaining and family-sustaining wages.

350 Colorado Springs hosted an event alongside Colorado College Sunrise Hub to call on Senator Michael Bennet to endorse and support the Green New Deal at his Colorado Springs office. Actions across the state and the country are giving the deal the momentum we need to change the conversation.

350 Colorado Springs Team