To our 350 Colorado members, partners, staff, board members, and beyond, 

Over the last decade of organizing together on climate action, our movement has grown in tremendous ways and accomplished many great things. We are so grateful to work with so many of you across so many coalitions and community spaces. While we work tirelessly to solve the climate crisis and promote solutions to the ever-pressing issues facing us today, we also understand that opportunities for growth are always present. 

350 Colorado recognizes that the burdens of the climate crisis are not equal, with low-income and communities of color largely impacted first and worst. We strive to center and uplift those most impacted, to be a strong ally and collaborator, and to build just relationships in all we do. To secure climate justice for all, we know that we must prioritize solutions that address root causes and dismantle the systems of oppression that show up in our society, movements, organizations, and lives. We must all strive to examine ways in which we, even unconsciously, contribute and be prepared to change.

That said, our organization has received feedback that people have not always experienced an inclusive, welcoming environment with us. While our values are deeply rooted in justice and equity, 350 Colorado acknowledges that as an organization we must continue to learn, grow, improve, and transform. 

Today, we reaffirm that we are committed to doing the work required to uplift climate justice and the spirit of true solidarity. As an organization, and as individuals within this organization, we take such feedback very seriously and are moving forward on a variety of steps to center Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in our organization. While we will continue our work to address these issues on a systemic scale, one of the biggest challenges and opportunities ahead lies in each of us also looking inward and addressing where we most need to grow and change internally. 350 Colorado is committed to this journey and hopes we can support one another along the way. 

While our work to address Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion started formally in 2017, we know there is still so much more to be done. From our community members and allies, we ask for your open and honest feedback and welcome input on how to build a stronger, more equitable movement. For those who have already spoken, we are listening. We are taking your feedback to heart, creating space to pause and reflect. 

As a part of this work, in 2021, we conducted a third-party evaluation of our organization and engaged in management consulting. We have surveyed partners, members, and other stakeholders; launched a series of strategic planning retreats; and attended diversity workshops. We are now contracting with additional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultants to lead a series of workshops and learning opportunities for our leadership moving forward. 

This will be deep, hard work. The path to success is not linear, and we recognize we have not been and we won’t be perfect. Nonetheless, we rise to meet this challenge as an opportunity. We will continue to greet the climate crisis with as much gusto as we always have, and we will aim to do it with even more intention and care. To move forward and foster safe spaces for learning and collaboration, we commit to giving each other space to make mistakes, to listen with open ears, to take ownership when we miss the mark, and to use every moment as a learning opportunity. 

We know the climate crisis, systemic racism, income inequality, and health inequities are all interlinked, and this is why we must secure solutions that address the root causes of inequality. We will continue to commit ourselves to the Jemez Principles for Democratic organizing and to address the many complexities that arise when working in diverse spaces. 

Together, from our small mountain towns to the State Capitol, we are committed to building an inclusive movement that welcomes all. We look forward to our collective continued work of co-creating a more sustainable and just future. 

If you are interested in providing additional feedback on how we can improve, we would love your response on our 2021 movement survey here

As individuals and on behalf of the organization as the Executive Director and Board President, we again share our deep apologies for unintentional mistakes made. We are open to further dialogue and welcome the opportunity for listening and reconciliation through mediation or further intentional conversation.

In solidarity,

Barbara Donachy, President of the Board of Directors, 350 Colorado

Micah Parkin, Executive Director, 350 Colorado 

On behalf of the 350 Colorado Board and Staff Team