Huge thanks to Kay and Robert Parker for their tremendous work for 350 Colorado!   Kay and Bob   Activists

Why We are Activists with 350 Colorado, 350 Central Colorado and 350 Action…

We have always thought of ourselves as Environmentalists.  I was the tree hugger variety.  As a sculptor I worked hard to never kill a tree to use as a sculpture.  Quite often the trees and wood I use are from trees that died 150 to 250 years ago. 

Our sister Dr. Cindy Lou Parker has dedicated her life to fighting Climate Change and building a sustainable future.  The many long talks we have had and watching her and thousands of others protest and then encircle the White House and then be arrested at the White House deeply impressed us.  If these professional well educated people would put their careers at risk to fight the Keystone Pipeline it must be very critical to stop it.  This pushed us over the edge from being cheerleaders and supporters to being Activists ourselves.

The following, I believe are our primary mission goals: stop the expansion and ultimately the mining of tar sands everywhere; forcing fracking into retreat and ultimately abandonment of natural gas expansion; ending the use of coal by shutting down one power plant at a time; blocking any expansion of nuclear energy and shutting down nuclear power plants one at a time; replacing these fossil fuel dinosaurs with clean, truly renewable methods of providing power around the world.

Climate justice, sustainability, promoting local organic foods, alternative transportation methods, better education, better jobs and pay and other similar improvements to our society are also important to our society and to the future for our children and grand children.

If we want to have a planet with atmosphere and water and temperatures at levels that people, animals and plants can thrive, we first need to shut down the use of fossil fuels.  All else is secondary.

That is why we are with you here at 350 Colorado.

Robert Parker

Kay Parker

April12, 2015