Written by Board Member Elisabeth Gick

With a little help from our friends…the future we desire is much closer than we think. 

Although pushed to the back burner by an undisputed need for paying attention to the pandemic at hand, the climate crisis has not gone away. The administration’s attacks on environmental protections have continued relentlessly, abusing a situation of stress and duress.

In a few days, on June 5 or “World Environment Day,” we here at 350Colorado, will begin our summer fundraising drive and we are calling on you to help make it a success. 

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We are only too aware that the climate crisis will bring suffering similar to what we are seeing and experiencing now, but at a much larger scale–much more widespread and longer lasting–if we let temperatures continue to rise, melting the ice, burning the forests, fueling the hurricanes. While many of us are wondering about the return to “normal” now, we have to acknowledge that there will never be a return to normal if we can’t get our greenhouse gas emissions under control within the next 10 years. 

Together we must FundRaise Up for Our Future. The present decade is crucial for the survival of the human species; it has to be the turn-around decade when we not only stop adding more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, but start drawing them back down. 

350 Colorado is ready for the challenge. We are ready to double down on our efforts to lead Colorado toward a just, equitable transition to 100% renewables by 2030 that benefits the health and wellbeing of all citizens. As you all know it is a matter of political will at this point — the technical know-how is here and available. We are ready to guide the work, but we need everyone’s help. Please join a committee or two, and please donate to 350 Colorado if you can.

350CO recognizes we cannot address COVID-19 and the climate crisis as two separate entities, that we must push for long-term solutions rooted in economic and social justice. That is why this year, we are donating 25% of all funds raised to COVID-19 mutual aid for indigenous communities in critical need of medical supplies, food & financial support. 

Your support will help 350CO: 

  • Create job opportunities for frontline organizers so they can dedicate their time to solving the climate crisis. 
  • Train hundreds of new climate leaders on how to run successful digital campaigns that keep us safe during social distancing.  
  • Enhance our virtual organizing toolkit to maximize success on petition gathering, letter writing, and recruitment campaigns. 
  • Rebuild a stronger, greener, more resilient Colorado through a #JustRecovery. 

A small amount goes a long way if you can commit to it monthly; or maybe you have the luxury to help us pay for one or another of these vital organizational tools: