Written by: Elisabeth Gick

Promoting and supporting clean green energy is a major part of 350 Colorado’s mission. Three events this summer are designed to do just that: we’ll host a “Fossil Free Garden Party” on July 13th, a Renewable Energy Summit on August 17th (tentative date), and a Farm to Table Dinner the first weekend in October.

The Fossil Free Garden Party takes place at executive director Micah Parkin’s house in Boulder where a wild, bee-friendly front yard greets you; where a roof full of solar panels provides all the electricity needed by the family; where heating in the winter comes from a wood burning stove; where the kids share the backyard with chickens and bees, vegetable beds and a small dome greenhouse plus a compost bin. In addition to demonstrating that indeed it is possible for an average middle-class family to live (very mostly) fossil free we will have representatives from different renewable energy sectors answer your questions: an electric car company, a solar installer, a speaker from Eco-Cycle (recycling, composting, carbon sequestration), and more. Just show up or RSVP at the 350Boulder Facebook site. 

So, we find out that Micah heats her house with wood; what other options are there? “Beyond Fracked Gas” is the (working) title of a renewable energy summit tentatively scheduled for August 17th, in Boulder, with a panel of experts on alternatives to fracked gas for our electricity and heating and cooling needs. We will learn about state of the art technologies, how to retrofit your residence, about available incentives and offers, and will discuss how to push our legislators toward adopting energy standards that reflect the urgency of the climate crisis. 

We’ll end the summer season with a Farm to Table dinner at a nearby farm. Yes, it’s a fundraiser, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to look at an organic farm close to Boulder, listen to the farmer and other experts explain regenerative farming methods and the tight connection between farming practices and climate while eating a very delicious vegetarian meal and sipping organic wine or beer from a small local brewery. The fork is a mighty weapon in the fight for a livable planet!

Please watch out for a specific invitation to each of the three events. We hope you’ll join us for more than one!