Amy Allen is a member of the 350 Boulder County team. Amy moved to Colorado in 2017 to pursue a Ph.D. in architectural engineering at CU Boulder.  Amy is inspired by all of 350 Colorado’s work, and particularly engaged in the campaign to fight fracking. 

Amy has been an environmental activist since college, and was eager to get involved with 350 Colorado after moving to Boulder. She was dismayed to learn that Boulder County itself was threatened by fracking, which made her even more motivated to fight fossil fuel extraction projects at the state and local levels. No one should have to live in the shadow of oil and gas drilling, and the urgency of climate action demands that we end fossil fuel extraction now. 

As part of 350 Boulder County, Amy helped gather petition signatures for the Proposition 112 campaign, and has helped lead 350 Boulder’s opposition to Crestone’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan for fracking in Boulder County.  Amy organized a meeting at which Dr. Detlev Helmig of the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research presented his work on air quality monitoring, which shows that Boulder County’s air quality is adversely affected by oil and gas drilling in Weld County. 

“350 Colorado is so lucky to have Amy as one of our climate leaders. She doesn’t hesitate to take leadership where it is needed – and always follows through. Thanks to Amy for her time, dedication, attention to detail and important organizing work. We’re so grateful for all you do!” – Deb, Campaign Coordinator

Previously, Amy worked as an engineer in the energy efficiency field in California, and was an active member of 350 (San Francisco) Bay Area. Amy is also interested in utility regulatory policy and net metering. 

We are so grateful for Amy’s dedication to the climate movement and involvement in our work in Colorado! She has helped to make our 350 Boulder County team more resilient, helped educate our community members, and is always willing to lend a hand wherever is most needed!

Thank you Amy!

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