At 350 Colorado we are so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing group of talented and passionate people. Each month, we take a moment to highlight and share our gratitude for those volunteers who are going the extra mile and are true climate champions.

This month, our climate hero is Devon Reynolds, 350 Colorado board member and volunteer.

Devon is a graduate student in the CU Boulder environmental studies program. She focuses on environmental justice and fossil fuel divestment, putting her research skills to work for climate activism. She’s committed to societal transformation to create justice, equity, and sustainability. Climate change already affects people of color, low-income communities, and women, especially in the global south. Devon considers it her responsibility to do everything in her power to reduce these harms.

When the September climate strikes and escalated actions were announced over the summer, Devon immediately stepped up to help. Her efforts to help train over 150 individuals in Non-Violent Direct Action were key to a successful week of escalated actions to elevate the climate crisis in state politics. Devon co-led training across the state in NVDA on the weekends in between a busy graduate school schedule.

In addition to helping train individuals, Devon is a frequent participant at direct actions targeting the fossil fuel industry and those most responsible for the climate crisis. She recently got kicked out of the Governor’s mansion for protesting an Oil And Gas Cleantech Challenge. You can read more about it and watch her speech here! She also participated in the “Stop Fracking Our Future” event during the climate strikes, helping to plant a zero-carbon, community garden on a proposed fracking site in Broomfield.

Another reason we are so grateful for Devon is her excitement for fundraising! A topic most folks want to avoid, Devon is always ready and willing to participate in efforts to ensure we have the budget we need to host events, lead campaigns, and support local communities.

This year Devon spent over a hundred hours lobbying and testifying for climate justice in state government committee hearings and COGCC meetings. She’s now working on getting the Colorado State Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels, continuing to train people for direct actions, and calling out the oil and gas industry at every opportunity.

Thank you Devon!