Irina’s dedication to 350 Colorado and the climate movement inspires us every day. As many of our volunteers do, she fulfills multiple roles within our organization, and has truly been a rock for us over the last five years. She is a driving force behind many of our campaigns and teams. Her experience working in personal investments helped to inspire our Divest-Invest campaign. Not only has she provided key insights into our strategy, but she has also grown our movement by connecting us with other experts in the field.

As a board member and treasurer of 350 Colorado, Irina helps to guide the direction of our entire organization. As a member of our fundraising committee, Irina has lead incredible efforts to bring more money into the climate movement. Most recently she was the lead on our first Fall Farm Fundraising Dinner, organizing a beautiful evening full of farm-fresh vegetarian food, world-class music, and community building.

Irina also serves as chair of our Regenerative Agriculture and Local Food Committee, which recently joined in partnership with Ollin Farms as a co-sponsor of a regenerative agriculture demonstration project to launch soon. Over the years this group has supported numerous local food initiatives and edible landscaping projects.

In addition to all of these amazing roles, Irina is also on the leadership council for our 350 Boulder County team. She works with a team of volunteers to plan monthly meetings to educate the public on key issues, engage more people from Boulder County in climate action, and organize local campaigns.

Irina’s passion, kindness, and attention to detail make her a climate hero and beyond. If you think everything we have already listed is impressive, we are just scratching the surface on the many things Irina does as a 350 Colorado volunteer. We are so grateful for her every day and can’t want to continue working together.

More about Irina: 

Irina serves as Director at Principium Investments, an asset management firm specializing in environmentally and socially responsible investing. Prior to moving to Colorado, Irina managed poverty alleviation, economic development and human rights programs in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.  In 2013, she experienced first-hand the devastating effects of intensifying storms as her residence, along with many others, was ravaged by floods in Lyons, CO. As a Colorado Master Gardener with a keen interest in permaculture, Irina is working to promote local organic food and regenerative agriculture practices as climate change solutions.

“I am active in the 350 Colorado campaign to encourage individuals and institutions to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in climate change solutions.  I focus my efforts on climate change because it is one of the most pressing and cross-cutting issues of our time.” – Irina Sedova