This month we are recognizing the amazing efforts of Sam Killmeyer. Sam joined 350 Colorado after the 2019 climate strikes and reached out to offer her support and expertise in the world of digital marketing and writing. Since then, Sam has gone above and beyond her volunteer roles to advance our website and monthly newsletter. As a volunteer with the Newsletter Committee, Sam has produced amazing, expertly crafted blogs on a variety of topics including Teaching Girls To Love The Earth – And Take Action To Protect It!; Planting During the Pandemic – Lessons From My First Garden, The Earth Doesn’t Care Who’s President, and many more! Not only has Sam gifted us with her amazing writing skills, but she has also dedicated her time to advancing our website with Search Engine Optimization tools to help make our content more accessible to other Coloradans looking to get educated and take action. To top it off, she is getting involved right in her own community of Fort Collins with our 350 Northern Colorado team!

We can’t think Sam enough for all of her hard work over the past year — she is a true climate hero! 

More about Sam: 

I am a writer and activist living in Fort Collins, CO. I’ve been growing into my climate activism ever since growing up in Cleveland and seeing signs on the shores of Lake Erie that read: “DANGER: Avoid All Contact With The Water.” Like many CO transplants, I’ve fallen in love with the landscape and learned the unique threats it faces – wildfires, drought, beetle kill, fracking. I’ve also lived in eastern KS near the last remaining tallgrass prairie and in western PA at the beginning of the Marcellus Shale boom. Each place I’ve lived reminds me that climate change is both global and intensely local.

Being part of 350 CO has helped me find community and take direct, local action. I’m grateful to be able to use my writing and content marketing skills to help create content for the newsletter committee and help improve the website’s SEO so that more people find 350 CO’s resources. I’m passionate about climate justice, climate education, defunding climate disaster, and the power of direct action. I’m also looking forward to helping grow the Northern CO 350 team in 2021, and if you’d like to join email Elliot [at]! If you’d like to read my writing, including past articles for 350CO, visit my website.

Want to join us as a volunteer? Email!