In advance of the upcoming June 26th Colorado Primary Elections, 33 candidates up and down the ballot have endorsed the Colorado People’s Climate Justice Platform. The platform is undersigned by a group of 66 Colorado environmental and social justice nonprofits working towards a bold vision for Colorado climate, jobs and justice. The platform unites hundreds of thousands of Coloradans calling for strong climate policy that will protect natural resources and ensure a healthy, sustainable and equitable economy for all. Candidates running for public office are “endorsing” this vision through the Climate Justice Platform and, in doing so, take a strong stand on climate policy.

“Climate change is often one of the least talked about issues during elections, despite the huge impact it is already having on Colorado’s economy, people, and natural systems – with increases in record-breaking wildfires, droughts, floods, temperatures and negative impacts on winter sports, agriculture, and tourism,” says 350 Colorado Executive Director Micah Parkin. “Those endorsing the Colorado People’s Climate Justice Platform are working to change that narrative and make it a key issue.”

With a goal of creating strong coalitions across environmental, community, youth, labor, faith groups and beyond, the platform aims to elect leaders committed to a just and rapid transition from fossil fuels towards 100% renewable energy, while prioritizing investments that improve the lives of communities of color, indigenous peoples, low-income residents and other historically underserved groups.

“We support the People’s Climate Justice Platform because it offers an alternative road map to the future that harnesses the limitless power of a united people working together to overcome adversity, building a world that can provide sustainability, health, prosperity, and justice to all,” says Conor May of Clean Energy Action.

Those interested in learning more about the People’s Climate Justice Platform and familiarizing themselves with candidates and elected officials endorsing the platform can visit