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October 21, 2016

#NoDAPL live art and music event is big success thanks to generosity of local artists

Boulder, Comadelife, a creative accelerator business on Pearl St., and climate activist organization 350 Colorado co-hosted a Live Art and Music Event to benefit the Sacred Stone Camp, Standing Rock Sioux, and other water protectors in their fight against the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline on Thursday night. Winter is coming, with temperatures plummeting -30F in the region, but over 300 indigenous nations represented say they will stand fast camping over the winter in tipis and canvass tents to protect their rights, land, water and the global climate.

“We want to do everything we can to provide provisions for the members of the camp to stay safe and warm while they fight the good fight,” said Kecia Benvenuto of madelife, which recruited a dozen artists to donate art, perform or create live art during the event.  

Speaker Sky Roosevelt Morris, a young indigenous woman representing the Colorado American Indian Movement and who works with the 4 Winds American Indian Council has been to the encampment twice. She shared stories about the women who started the Sacred Stone Camp to protect the water for their children and generations to come. Mni Wiconi – “water is life” has become a rallying cry for the people, who say that it’s not a case of if, but when the fracked oil pipeline will break and pollute their land and only source of water – the Missouri River – which also provides drinking water for over a million other people downstream.

Over 100 people joined the event, donating money and supplies worth over $3,000 – far more than the organizers expected. Much loved local artists including Melanie Yazzie, Regan Rosburg, Rod Velarde, Madeleine Tonzi, Tracey Bergrud, Taylor Elyse Compton donated works of art and created live art at the event. Musical performances were also donated by local favorites Banshee Tree, Silent Bear and Low Viscosity.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to come together as a creative community and provide support for one of the most important causes of the time,” added Benvenuto.

“These brave people are resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline to protect their land, water, heritage and our global climate,” said Micah Parkin, with 350 Colorado. “The Dakota Access Pipeline would transport fracked oil across the state and under the Missouri River, endangering drinking water for millions. Despite an increasingly militarized police force, pepper spray, biting security dogs, strip searches, felony charges for peaceful protectors and journalists, and bitter cold, these warriors are standing strong in what is fast becoming one of the most pivotal acts of civil disobedience of our movement. 350CO is standing in solidarity with indigenous leaders to support these efforts and holding events to raise awareness in the face of a current mainstream media blackout.”

Sponsors  and in-kind donors included Finkel & Garf, Conscious Coffees, BMoCA, Jim Morris Environmental T-shirts and Innisfree Bookshop Cafe. Anyone who was unable to attend the event is encouraged to take supplies to Unity of Boulder. A supply wish list can be found at   


See photos from the event here.