Organizing during a Pandemic

Resources, Ideas & Ways to Take Action To Solve the Climate Crisis and Care for Your Community During COVID-19

350 Colorado takes this pandemic seriously and urges all communities to unite to protect one another in pursuit of dignity and justice. We all deserve care, dignity, and protection in dealing with this pandemic, and recognize that this pandemic is more than just a public health crisis, and is also a crisis of rising xenophobia, lack of access, and inequity. 

Fossil fuel companies are using this moment to their advantage by pausing protective regulations while ramping up extraction, putting our communities at risk by mixing toxic air pollution with a respiratory pandemic. 350 Colorado is committed to standing up for the health and safety of all Coloradans and ensuring a just recovery from the coronavirus includes climate solutions.

While we recognize that there is a lot of fear in this moment, the only way to fight this virus is to come together to confront this crisis head-on as one, united, global community.

We must: Look after each other, seize the moment, and prepare for the future. 

Read our full COVID-19 statement here.

Look After Each Other

We must care for ourselves and our communities above all else.


Community Care and Mutual Aid  

  • If you are an individual, we are directing you to the Needs/Resources form created by the Front Range Mutual Aid Network (who also has the best one-stop-shop COVID-19 resource guide we’ve found thus far).
  • You can join a mutual aid group on Facebook and find resources and assist your community
  • CIRC resources for immigrants struggling in this moment. 
  • – This is an evolving list of food pantries across the state that people can donate and help out with.
  •  This group is full of people making masks and nursing hats and other important gear for medical staff right now and other highly impacted groups.
  • Working Families is working on de-incarceration to protect people 
  • Denver DSA Is doing a bunch of cool things around the need to cancel rents for people and encouraging them to make videos, and they have a petition upon the subject.

JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Resources

Seize the Moment

Resources to continue organizing and take action.

350 Colorado petitions and actions to sign and share:

Visit our Online Action Hub for More Colorado Virtual Actions

National Calls to Action:

Support a People’s Bailout:

1. Prioritize and address the immediate material needs of people and not that of corporations. #PeoplesBailout

2. Support workers and communities hit by the crisis, not corporate executives. 

3. Don’t bailout the fossil fuel industry.

4. Establish a plan of action and invest in a Green New Deal that prioritizes people over profits. 

Other important petitions to sign:

Hashtags for social media: #peoplenotpolluters #greenrecovery #justrecovery

Upcoming Training & Workshops

More Informative Videos Worth Watching:


Local Teams

Tactic and tools

Prepare for the Future

We must ensure solutions to the Coronavirus include solutions to the climate crisis. “The choices we make today will shape our society, economy, health, and climate for decades to come.”


Learn more about the COVID19 Just recovery petition from 

What do you envision in a just recovery for Colorado? Email to have your ideas included in our vision statement.

A Green New Deal 

Contact your legislators in support of a Green New Deal to help provide Green jobs to millions who have been impacted by COVID-19 layoffs.

Help Create Colorado’s Future by Joining a Campaign Committee

Learn more about our campaigns and how to join here!