This past Saturday September 8th, people worldwide demanded real climate action from their local leaders. On 7 continents, in 95 countries, with 900+ actions, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide displayed the growing strength and diversity of the climate movement. Together they showed the world what real climate leadership looks like. In Denver, the Climate, Jobs and Justice Summit drew several hundred people committed to rising for climate justice and working towards a clean and renewable energy future that protects communities most impacted by climate change and pollution.

350 Colorado was a co-host of the event and offered several workshops focused on ways to defund the climate crisis, elevate climate justice in the upcoming elections and advocate for fracking safety setbacks via Colorado Rising’s ballot proposition #112. 350 Colorado’s Executive Director, Micah Parkin, spoke on the opening panel focused on how to create a just and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy in Colorado.

Today’s blog post shares highlights from the Defunding Climate Disaster workshop, which discussed current efforts underway in Colorado aimed at defunding the climate crisis. The role of fossil fuel divestment was considered – and the need to reinvest in solutions, including clean, renewable energy. The Problem: Public money and our tax dollars are contributing to fossil fuel subsidies and extreme energy projects and funding the climate crisis. Solutions include transitioning from a fossil-fuel based economy to a low-carbon, clean, renewable energy economy, beginning by addressing climate change at the structural and financial levels, advocating for fossil free banking and divesting from fossil fuels and investing in solutions.  

Here are Several Ways to Take Action Now:

  • Sign the Go Fossil Free: Divest-Invest Pledge and visit 350 Colorado’s Divest Invest Resource Hub to learn more.
  • If you are a Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) member, join the Fossil Free PERA campaign, calling on our state pension fund to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in a cleaner, renewable energy future. Get started by signing the Fossil Free PERA Petition. Contact to learn more.
  • Break ties with and boycott banks financing harmful projects. Select a financial institution that is not financing fossil fuel projects and infrastructure, such as tar sands oil, fracking, coal mining, and oil or natural gas pipelines.
  • Advocate for Public Banking  and fossil free banking & pressure your employer and city to change who they bank with.
  • Call on your employer or fund manager and encourage them to provide fossil free alternatives.
  • Make no new investments in oil, gas, and coal companies. Sell investments in oil, gas, and coal companies, especially the top 200 reserve owners, within 3-5 years. Invest in a sustainable and equitable new renewable energy economy.