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Katie here. Just doing a quick report back on the action we had today in Denver. If you have any photos or videos or stories to share from the day, please send them to us at 350bouldercounty@gmail.com

Rally for Solutions


We started the morning with a really in support of expanding DSM with Frack Free Colorado, Sierra Club, Clean Energy Action and a few more. We wanted to get across the message that Colorado needs affordable solutions for converting to renewable energy and demand side management is the answer. We know Governor Hickenlooper was just across the street and we hope he got the message loud and clear that we need to expand DSM if we want to get anywhere with our climate and environment. You can read more about this issue on the Clean Energy Action website here.

Sending Udall a message

After that, we gathered up our banners, signs, and mock pipeline and marched all the way from the Capitol to Senator Udall’s office where we had another mini rally with some amazing speakers. I was blown away by the amount of people waiting for us at his office when we arrived with the march! We had well over a hundred people there!


When we went to deliver our letters and signatures to Senator Udall’s staff they seemed to be a bit unprepared. Time will tell if Udall comes out in favor of or against the pipeline. With a big senate race against a republican with a strong pro-petroleum stance we know he could swing either depending on the cash flow. We made sure to send his staff a strong message that no matter how much money gets pumped into the senate race, Colorado stands strongly AGAINST the Keystone Pipeline.

What will Bennet do?

Next up was Senator Bennet’s office, so back through the 16th Street mall we marched. The chanting and singing was glorious! No doubt, we had the attention of everyone within eye and ear shot. A HUGE thanks to Jonny 5 of the Flobots for leading us in that and keeping the crowd momentum up. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Again, we were met with a promise to deliver our message to the Senator, which we have every reason to believe is going to go straight to Washington before the crucial KXL Senate vote this week. As some of you may know, Bennet has in the past said he is in favor of the pipeline, but as of last week he was still undecided on his vote for this issue. He has stated in the past:

“I do support it,” Mr. Bennet said in an interview. “I wish we were supporting it as part of a broad energy strategy for the United States. And maybe someday we’ll get to a place where we are actually pursuing a broader energy strategy for the United States.”

He expressed frustration over the pipeline’s politics. “I think it’s become ridiculously political,” Mr. Bennet said. “It just has become another one of those idiotic Washington political games that bounces back and forth and doesn’t actually accomplish anything.”

What’s next?

Regardless of how either Senator Bennet or Senator Udall have voted in the past, we sent a very strong message today that Coloradans care enough about this issue to drive from all over the state on 72 hours notice to demand they vote in favor of a clean energy future. Here’s to all of you who pitched in, called in, and showed up. And don’t forget, it’s never too late to call the Senators!

See more photos below and on our Facebook page and on our article on EcoWatch


We have now heard that it looks likely that Sen. Mark Udall will likely vote against the pipeline! So it appears the tide is turning against Big Oil — if Sen. Michael Bennet comes out against Keystone XL approval, it’s likely the bill will be stopped in its tracks and may not even come to a vote.

Now can you give Sen. Bennet a call to tell him to stand with us and publicly oppose Keystone XL approval?

Get the number, make the call, and make the difference in this vote!

Sen. Bennet is one of the last undecided members of the Senate. It’s time he do what’s right for Colorado and the climate, and vote against the pipeline.

Senator Udall:
DC office – 202-224-5941 or 877-768-3255 (toll free for Coloradans)
Colorado office – 303-650-7820

Senator Bennet:
DC office – 202-224-5852
Colorado office – 303-455-7600

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