Remember my blog post in July about a 52% discount on an electric Nissan Leaf? (Note: – I bought one!) 

When that deal expired I approached Nissan USA on behalf of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) and worked out an even better group discount which is valid until January 2nd. Along with the special Nissan discount the Leaf still qualifies for the full $7500 Federal and the $5000 Colorado tax incentive, bringing its final price down massively (for eligible buyers). 

But unlike earlier group buys this one will enable people to go to any EV licensed Nissan dealer in Colorado, and it works for both the standard 150-mile range trims and the sought after Leaf Plus which gives you 226 miles. 

Leafs offer quick charging and advanced technology packages such as adaptive cruise control and comfort features like heated seats and steering wheel, but frugal base models are also available. The new design is also a lot sportier and mainstream than the iconic early models. 

As mentioned, this campaign ends on January 2nd, 2020. It’s limited to members of CRES but their $30 annual fee shouldn’t get in the way of saving $15k. Contact Martin Voelker for details:

EVs are a joy to drive, cost less to operate, have a lower carbon footprint and can be emissions-free when powered by solar or wind. Find out why so many EV drivers say they’ll never go back to ‘regular’ cars. 

Martin Voelker