Written By: Martin Voelker

A brand new 2019 electric Nissan LEAF as low as $12.000? Not a typo but a limited 62%-off-MSRP EV deal enabled by Denver Metro Clean Cities, XCEL and Tynan’s Nissan Aurora. Nowhere else in the nation can you get an EV this cheap (after rebates, the soon to shrink or disappear $7500 Federal Income Tax credit and a $5000 Colorado Tax Credit). This deal closes in a few days on August 6, and the dealership is highly motivated. And if the timing is too tight take it as a reminder to start doing your homework on whether an electric car will meet your needs.

Switching to an EV today can be your most impactful act of taking personal responsibility for climate protection as it lowers our carbon emissions and improves our air quality. Going electric might also encourage you to get solar panels or join a solar cooperative to bring your electricity cost to zero.

Four of my neighbors jumped already on the Nissan LEAF deal, I bought one two weeks ago (yup, that’s me in the photo!), and two more may have done so by the time you read this – and that’s just in my tiny subdivision! 

At this price, the math simply works: An EV has minimal maintenance, no oil changes, and fueling it with electricity costs much less than buying gas. Plus the five-year-cost-of-ownership is low than any comparable car that runs on dirty fuel. The drive is zippy, quiet, and comfortable, and its base range of 150 miles makes it a perfect commuter car (a 200-mile version is also available). Taking a test drive will make you a believer.

Contact me if you need convincing or talk directly to Dan Horvath (440-724-9491 cell) at tynansnissanaurora.com and be sure to let me know if you decided to buy one! 

For details open the PDF flyer below and bring it to the dealership:


Martin Voelker, former 350Colorado Board member