Thanks to everyone who came out today to tell President Obama to Reject the KXL pipeline during his visit to Denver!  About 70 people, many of whom took off work and traveled from around the state, met the President first at Cheesman Park and then reassembled to greet the President’s motorcade as he arrived downtown for a fundraiser.  The group carried big banners, signs, and faux pipelines, while chanting, singing and gathering the attention of at least four media outlets.  
In 350 Denver team leader Ryan Denham’s words: “When he walked out of the hotel we were loudly chanting NO KXL, NO KXL, Pres Obama, Pres Obama, What you gonna do?, What you gonna do?, Pres Obama, Pres Obama, It’s up to you!… Our main objectives were to get him or his staff to see us and get media attention. Mission accomplished.”
Bill McKibben tweeted to his 19 million followers: “Obama’s in Denver today–and so are a ton of people telling him to reject KXL! … @350Colorado”
We made sure President Obama knows that COLORADANS WANT HIM TO REJECT THE KXL PIPELINE!!! Great work everyone!
Obama - Reject KXL - in Cheesman Park during speech     Outside Obama Fundraiser in Denver     stop the pipeline     No KXL Obama2     No KXL Obama