As the days get shorter and the snow begins to fall, we are faced with constant reminders that the new year is on its way! Another reminder might be the year-end fundraising emails starting to find their way into your inbox. Sound familiar? 

Fundraising can be overwhelming, so I wanted to reach out with some answers, thoughts, and tips to help you survive the holiday giving season!

Why are you asking me for money? 

Organizing big change requires big money. We will never have as much money as the fossil fuel industry, but each dollar donated helps level the playing field. At 350 Colorado we are a grassroots organization to the core and about half of our funding comes from individuals like yourself. We do this so that we are responsible to a grassroots base and not to wealthy donors or corporations who want to control our campaigns and messaging. This fundraising model allows us to continue to do “unpopular” but necessary work to counter the fossil fuel industry. In a nutshell, we want to be accountable to YOU. 

How can I receive fewer fundraising emails? 

Give early! Anyone that donates or schedules a donation is automatically removed from the majority of our fundraising emails for the rest of the year! Check one thing off your to-do list before the holiday madness and get the added bonus of a tidy inbox. 

You can schedule your donation through Colorado Gives Day Here!

It’s all about perspective. 

Join our “Year-End Gratitude Challenge” and see the FUN in fundraising. Each time a fundraising email pops into your inbox feel grateful that there are so many amazing nonprofits working 24/7 to make the world a better place. Smile at the opportunity to help a great cause. Get inspired by the work your support is funding. Challenge yourself to give what you can. 

How can I help? 

I am so glad you asked! The #1 way you can help is by encouraging your network to join us as donors this holiday season. You can create your own personal fundraising page for Colorado Gives Day here! 

Watch our EOY Fundraising Webinar Here!

Thank you! 

Whether you are able to donate or not, we want you to know how much we appreciate you. Your time, dedication, and support of Colorado climate action means the world to us. So we thank you for sticking with us into the new year and hope you will join us in this celebration of our accomplishments in 2019 and the exciting possibilities of 2020! 

Until We Win, 

Julia Williams – Communications Coordinator, 350 Colorado