“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” Jane Goodall

On December 26, our oldest active member, Mary Lou Church passed away, peacefully, in her sleep, close to her kids, after a long life of caring.

Yes, CARING is what defined her in my eyes (I only knew her for the last six of her 91 years): caring for people, caring for the earth. After a long career as a teacher she shifted her energy and determination to protecting Mother Earth, because she understood that this was the most important, all dominant issue of the 21st century.
She was a founding member of 350 Central Colorado, never shy to voice her opinion, and a lively presence at rallies, marches and demonstrations, even in her last year of life! She understood the urgency and the desperate need to help young people preserve a habitable planet. There was no room in her life for apathy.

We bow to her and thank her.

Mary Lou getting ready to dance with Slushy, the Polar Bear (aka her son Bob Parker)