Pope_Francis_Korea_Haemi_Castle_19_(cropped) I am a member of 350.org and also a member of the Franciscan Order. For the past 15 years I have taken groups on Franciscan Retreats into the Denver Rockies Mountains. Each year I use a line of Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of Creatures and let people be taught in and by nature to respond as Sister and Brother to all creation. From these experiences, I wish to compare the goals of 350.org and the goals of the Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical, Care of our Common Home, “Blessed Be.”

350.org is an international organization. In Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical, a letter, he writes: “I wish to address every person living on the planet (3).” He urges us through human solidarity to embrace the environmental issues that are destroying our home.

350 asks leaders to be accountable to the realities of science. Pope Francis clearly accepts the data from science and states: “Never have we so hurt and mistreated our common home as we have in the last two hundred years (53).” Pope Francis underscores as critical the preservation of biodiversity and urges us to a deep study of ecosystems.

350 is about climate safety and preserving a livable planet. Pope Francis clearly states the degradation of the planet and the crises of our earth are caused by greenhouse gases, pollution, wastefulness, etc.

350 is about Now and Pope Francis is also about Now.

350 is about the principles of justice. Pope Francis says that the earth is crying out for justice and so are the poor. Pope Francis talks of the ecological debt the rich polluting countries have to the poor countries. He holds that the rich must be accountable for care of the poor and of our common home.

350 is a movement rising from the bottom up all over the world. Pope Francis speaks of the tiniest creatures as important and that all creatures depend on one another and must serve one another.

350 unites the strength, love, ingenuity and care of people all over the planet. Pope Francis says that the human family has a deep responsibility to unite together and can in solidarity address the changes that must take place on behalf of the planet.

350 is about creating solutions to the crises of climate change. Pope Francis calls on all segments of society to come together in dialogue and to solve the deep problems of the earth from an attitude of cherishing in joy our home.

350 invites people all over the planet to care and to express that caring. Pope Francis calls on all people on the planet from our best selves to look at the deeper causes of our problems and to address the inequalities, the hardness of heart, the ignorance and to use comprehensively our wisdom, spirituality, science, politics and human justice. Francis says that we are all meant to be instruments and must bring our talents.

350 invites ingenuity to address leaders, corporations, and warring factors. Pope Francis asks all to look to the message of Francis of Assisi to speak truth, care for the vulnerable peoples and all creation, and bring peace.

350 uses song, art, the beauty and gifts of the young, old and everyone to build this movement. Pope Francis invites us to hope, to song, to appreciation of beauty and goodness as did his mentor Francis of Assisi.

350 is based on the confidence that we can do this. Pope Francis says that because we are children of God we can unite and build this beautiful earth in harmony with all creation.

Written by Elizabeth Fuhr, 350 Denver member and a Sister of St. Francis