Written by Liz Fuhr

During 50th EarthWeek in April 2020 we boldly assert: we are all one family on ONE PLANET. The tragic rapid pandemic sweep of the coronavirus belies national differentiations and protestations of special power. Our common humanity and vulnerability is witness that our very breath, our air, and our touch all suffer the reality of how closely we are bonded.  

Though for care of each other we are social-distancing, we are reimagining how we MUST overcome all separating barriers to achieve solidarity. We must labor jointly, justly and creatively to build a safe future for us all. Via digital technology, this 2020 Earth Week, the airwaves circling our ONE EARTH will be filled with a youth-led cry “Strike, Divest, and Vote to save humanity and our planet.” TOGETHER during this week, millions of people will virtually embrace our home and each other and commit ever more deeply to respond to the climate emergency and do the ever-necessary hard work of making OUR EARTH a sustainable, safe planet for all.

Here are some ways you can take action to protect our planet during Earth Week

A coalition of over 90 environmental groups, including Future Coalition, Stop the Money Pipeline with participation from 350.org and 350 Colorado, are calling for three days of activism. Below is a taste of what we are planning, you can learn more and sign up to join at Earth Day Live

Day 1: April 22nd “Strike”  – Youth-led virtual deep strike day! A chance to hear from and support Indigenous leaders and frontline activists across the United States who are fighting for climate action, confronting the fossil fuel industry, and building the solutions needed to address the crisis. 

Day 2: April 23rd “Divest”  – A day led by the Stop the Money Pipeline Coalition (90 organizations) will bring forth actions aimed at three big financial targets (JP Morgan Chase, BlackRock and Liberty Mutual), with the focus on ending the financing of fossil fuels and building a new economic system that works for people and the planet.

Day 3 April 24th “Vote”  – A massive voter registration push, with a special focus on registering thousands of young people to vote for the first time. Activists will help people engage in a huge, nationwide peer-to-peer texting program to register thousands of first-time voters and engage them in the work of electing a climate president.

Sign up here to get updates on the evolving plans for Earth Day 2020 and to invite others. 

More 50th Earth Month activities:

There are many personal, student and family-friendly activities to enhance your 50th Earth Month celebrations in the following two listings. Learn, enjoy and celebrate!

Earth Week 2020: Virtual Activities Friday, April 17 to Saturday, April 25 

These activities are spearheaded by local environmental groups and are listed online at the Denver Alliance Center of Sustainability. Due to COVID-19 they are in the process of becoming virtual (as are the rest of our lives). Their final form leaves much more to be seen. An overview lets you experience a feast of earth-friendly topics including, regenerative agriculture, food and your carbon footprint, and reducing plastic waste. There are activities such as crafts for your kiddos at home, building a birdhouse, and exercising outside during COVID-19. Some things are very creative like hosting a (virtual) table and having an intelligent, calm conversation about climate change. Some are political where you can learn about current plastic legislation in Colorado. One is practical, how to buy local. There are links to excellent documentaries; and a StoryCorps project between youth and veteran climate activists is being initiated!

Stay tuned to the Alliance Center earth week calendar for the full schedule of virtual activities.

2nd Annual Online Earth Week Summit, April 10 – 18, 2020

Join the 2nd Annual Online Earth Week Summit, with keynote kick-off by Dr. Thomas RaShad Easley about Diversity, Inclusion, and Hip Hop Forestry. The event is hosted by Green Team Academy, with the theme of Grassroots Climate Action Celebration. Participate in a full week of live workshops and virtual happy hours. Gather online to discover what’s working now from dozens of community leaders and experts and collaborate in real time.

View the complete schedule and save your spot at www.EarthWeekSummit.com

Please Note: As our groups are adapting to our new reality of “virtual organizing,” our plans are evolving. Please stay up to date on the most recent information about upcoming events with 350 Colorado by viewing our organizational calendar.

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