Written by Sarah Giron

In a time of never-ending uncertainty, it’s time we sit back and re-evaluate our consumption.

We need to learn how to live with what we have and this is our chance to make the changes we need to also keep climate change at a bare minimum. By addressing these topics now, during this pandemic, it will have a ripple effect of creating a better world that we all want to live in. 

Just by taking small, but conscious steps every day, we can change the world we live in. If we put just a little more thought into our daily routines, there is a chance we can help ourselves, our loved ones, our community, and our home – planet Earth.

This month, I’ve compiled a list of ways we can cut back on your consumption while getting a healthier mind, body, and planet all along the way.

Tips for shopping

– Buy in bulk

– Bring your own containers, shopping bags, produce bags. 

– Be sure to clean your re-usables when you get home and after each use, inside and out

– Shop at local stores

– purchase local produce

– Shop around the border of the store, the middle sections are mostly all the processed foods

– Sign up for a CSA

– Grow some of your own food

– Don’t have space? Sprout beans, try herbs or microgreens in a window

– Purchase only what you need, keep 

– Think about seeds for your own produce/herbs/microgreens this summer, can you start planting certain foods inside now?

Tips for cooking 

– Make a big meal, freeze some of it for a quick meal later that you know is better than a frozen processed meal

– Rollover meals (cook something you can transform into numerous meals) Example: roast chicken, then tacos, then broth 

– Airtight containers for leftovers – and if you’re eating out, bring your own to go containers. I have ordered food and boxed it up myself instead of ordering to go because they automatically put it in styrofoam or plastic.

Tips for keeping food fresh 

  • Compost bits that are molding in the fridge to keep others fresh
  • Remove rubber bands and twisty ties to keep produce longer
  • Store fruits and veggies separately
  • Store fresh herbs like flowers cut ends and keep in shallow water
  • Try cutting up a clean, old t-shirt to wrap your leafy greens and all other vegetables to prolong shelf-life instead of plastic
  • If you have too much fruit that you don’t want to go bad, cook em!
    • Preserves, applesauce, jam, puree
  • Veggie ends, make a stock

Tip for healthy eating habits

– No snacking in front of TV

– Only eat when seated with cutlery and a plate, no impulse eating

– Cook at home

– Replace processed foods with whole foods, get nutrients you need and you won’t be as hungry as quickly

– Eat until you’re satisfied, don’t over indulge 

– Only eat when you are genuinely hungry. If it’s your third time opening up the refrigerator door, ask yourself what your mind is hungry for

Tips for conserving paper products

  • Use a certain amount of toilet paper, 4 squares max (for thinner tp, adjust your number accordingly, but make sure you don’t use more than your maximum)
  • Use re-usables for cleaning. Stay away from paper towels and use old towels or T-shirts
    • Also use natural cleaning products
  • Purchase a bidet 

Invest in yourself

  • Set yourself a morning and night routine and stick to it
  • Find a new hobby
  • Read a book 
  • Write a story
  • Journal, paint a picture, write a poem
  • Look for inspiration in the little things
  • Listen to an album that makes you feel good
  • Take an online course
  • Call/message an old friend or family member
  • Research a topic you always found interesting, but didn’t make the time to look into
  • Volunteer
    • Sign petitions, write/call your representatives
    • Get involved with helping others through distance
      • Face-timing retired folks/people who live alone
      • Offer your skills, people who need them will find you

If you take time for yourself, you will have so much more to give.

And the world is giving us an opportunity to step back and reassess what our priorities are. Let’s choose to come from a place of love and respect, and make our world a better place by taking our current situation and turning it into an opportunity to reshape our home in a healthier livable place that truly helps everybody and everything.

If you can change your habits, you can change the world. 

“Your beliefs become your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your value.

Your value becomes your destiny.”

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