Bob joined the 350CO Board in 2014 and volunteered to be the Vice President of 350 Colorado – and remained so, for some exciting but challenging times as we figured out who we wanted to be and how to get there. He helped take us from one unpaid Fearless Leader, Micah, to an organization with eight employees and 20,000 members. He and Kay remained on the governing board for seven years.

Bob was an accomplished artist – primarily painter and metal worker – and a committed lifelong activist. He and Kay had one of the most interconnected and happiest marriages I’ve ever witnessed. They created the Itty Bitty Lakes and Art Outpost gallery, “Another Roadside Attraction,” in Coaldale, Colorado. They filled it with love, friends, creativity, a llama, donkey, and geese, and shared it generously with 350 Colorado. It was under their umbrella of love, trust, and fun, at our annual Convergence, that we had many deep and sometimes difficult conversations, developed lifelong friendships, and nurtured 350 Colorado’s growth and development.

He was the leader of 350 Central Colorado, one of our first local teams. 350 Central Colorado organized the Climate, Energy, and Building a Resilient Community Forum in 2014, Earth Day festivals, environmental movie festivals and led the battle to stop Nestle’s bottled water plans in Chaffee County. Bob designed and organized the painting of dozens of umbrellas for our Break Free From Fossil Fuels action, and banners, signs, and other artwork that you see at our events.

He was a warrior for good, but he was also a very authentic human being and dear friend. He was emotional, supportive, generous and outspoken. He and Kay took so many, including me, under their wings when we needed support. He also let us know when he was unhappy. And sometimes we deserved his comeuppance. I loved him dearly.

The world, the movement, 350 Colorado – and I – are better off for his having been here. What joy he shared and gave to those who knew him, and what inspiration and commitment he embodied for us and the cause of Mother Earth. His spirit can never leave us. We’ll miss you, Bob. And we’ll help take care of your beloved, Kay.


Bob as “slushy” a climate change champion and local celebrity in Central Colorado.


March for the species in Salida