Written by board member Elisabeth Gick

On June 7, members of the Board of 350 Colorado Action heard a passionate proposal from fellow board member Micah Parkin to form an issues committee to promote a 2020 ballot initiative for greater set-backs from fracking activities here in Colorado. The Board decided unanimously to embrace this task. The name of the issues committee is Safe and Healthy Colorado, the initiative is now known as Initiative 174.

We made this decision for the same reasons we endorsed and actively supported proposition 112 two years ago: health, safety, and the climate! Fracking has not become any less dangerous, polluting, poisoning, and disrupting to all citizens in its vicinity, especially children. Fracking still pollutes our air without any regard to county lines, it still consumes and wastes enormous amounts of water, it still exacerbates the climate crisis in so many ways. Fracking is still going on in Colorado too close to schools (Bella Romero!), to playgrounds, residences, waterways, and other sensitive areas. 1,784 new fracking wells were approved this past year, with no end to applications in sight.
All we are saying is give us a break! Give us a break of 2,500 feet between fracking activity and where we want to live, learn, play, and work; now and into the future. You can read the full text of the initiative here.
We need you, our members and friends to help us get the required 125,000 valid signatures by August 3. Governor Polis’ executive order to allow signature gathering by mail and email makes the task possible, despite Covid-19. Please print the signature page from the Safe and Healthy Colorado website, sign it, have your signature witnessed (then have your witness sign their petition and you be the witness for them) and send it back as a photo, or by snail mail. You can also request that a form be sent to you by regular mail. Additionally, PLEASE, multiply your impact by inviting all your Colorado friends to do the same! If you have a bit of time and feel strongly about turning this initiative into Colorado law, please volunteer for other tasks. Together we can do this! Thank you.