Jan Rose is truly one of Colorado’s most cherished climate heroes. It is safe to say that Jan is one of the most knowledgeable people in Colorado when it comes to climate policy, both within the legislative AND executive branches. Jan provides the invaluable service to Colorado’s climate movement of tracking key bills as they make their way through the state legislature while at the same time digesting and communicating the details of dense legislation in a digestible way. She is also an expert communicator balancing an intelligent sharpness and wit with a caring kindness. Her skill at communicating helps to advance bold change while at the same time seeing and speaking to the human in others. 

“Jan is one of the most dedicated activists I have ever met! She puts in so much incredible work into advancing climate solutions in Colorado and is an invaluable asset to the movement!”

Jan is also a force to be reckoned with when engaging with commissions, such as the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission. She does tireless, deep dives into the orphan well program and shines a light into the muck of incomplete data, uncollected fines, and all the ways that the state is not doing its job to protect people and doing too much to prop up the oil and gas industry. Then she shares this information widely. She is incredibly supportive of climate activists across the state and is fierce in the best way.

Jan has also been an invaluable member of a number of 350 Colorado committees over the past many years, including 350 CO’s Renewable Energy Committee and Fracking Committee to name just a few. She is a leader in a number of Colorado coalitions, including the Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate where she serves as a primary spokesperson. 

350 Colorado is incredibly thankful for Jan’s collaborative efforts across a multitude of climate-related issues. Her thorough research and the expertise she brings to each situation are admirable and continue to be an inspiration to this movement in so many ways.

More about the wonderful Jan Rose: 

Jan Rose was trained by 350Colorado members Micah Parkin and Julia Williams back in 2017, and has volunteered with 350 ever since, primarily on legislative efforts and Lobby Days, but she pitches in on any committee that will have her. She heads up Legislation for our partners, Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate as contributes to Climate Reality as well. She has testified countless times in support of good climate legislation and has participated in many of the COGCC and AQCC rulemakings over the past 3 years  She’s been featured on all four major news stations for her opposition to new drilling permits.  She also participates in many of our O&G press conferences and NVDAs. Jan has a 9Mwh solar array, organic garden, double composter, and a public EV charging station, and sends just one bag of trash/month to the landfill.  Sadly, it’s full of plastic packaging.