As we head towards the Spring Equinox this month and dream of growing plants and later sunsets, we are celebrating the dedication and hard work of Jenna Parker, our Climate Hero of the Month for March! Woman with white tank top and medium length hair smiles at camera.

Jenna is originally from Michigan. She grew up finding solace exploring the nature surrounding her family’s rural home with her golden retriever. Watching the wild land surrounding her home be converted to farmland, the noticeable decrescendo of the frog choruses and birdsong as she grew, and the ever-decreasing probability of a ‘white Christmas’ drove her to become an activist from a young age. 

Jenna eventually got involved with 350 Colorado in the Fall of 2017 through our Tour de Frack campaign. From the beginning she has made a regular effort to get involved, starting with signing different petitions and letters of support. Whether they had to do with ending fracking, holding the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) accountable, or supporting public banking, Jenna knew the importance of raising one’s voice and fighting for the various changes we want to see. 

In the Fall of 2021, Jenna joined the Leadership Council of our Northern Colorado (NoCo) local team. Leadership Council (LC) members play an important role on our local teams, helping the team Coordinator bring more people into the group (plus educating and building their confidence), develop strategic campaigns, and secure funds for events, meetings, and campaign needs. Since joining Jenna has come to each meeting each month, thoughtfully helping build the team’s strategic plan for 2022. She is also currently assisting with writing a grant for funding from the EPA to monitor air quality at Bella Romero Academy in Greeley, the site that became an egregious example of environmental injustice when extraction oil and gas built fracking wells several hundred feet outside of the school (there will be ways to get involved and help Bella Romero in March, stay tuned!). 

Not only does she make time for campaign work and leadership roles, but she takes advantage of the various trainings we have to offer! Just in the last month, we have seen Jenna at our new Volunteer Orientation, as well as our Non-Violent Direct Action trainings. Taking the time to learn about the organization, climate issues, and grassroots activism is another indication of Jenna’s commitment to this work. She gives generously of her time and even supports the organization through regular donations. 

Any time there is a call to action for the climate, from policy advocacy to direct action and everything in between, you will find Jenna there, ready to step in and help in whatever way is needed. Her graciousness and generosity shine through in everything she does for the climate movement. “Jenna is the person you go to when you need anything; from writing a grant, to volunteering, to simply just showing up” says Riley Ruff, the Northern Colorado Team Coordinator. “She’s kind and passionate and an amazing ecologist and climate activist. NoCO would not be the same without her, and I am so grateful to have her on the team.” 

Jenna is an ecologist and conservation biologist who works remotely out of Fort Collins for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. When her resilience feels tired and worn, Jenna channels the ecological grief she feels into writing nature-based poetry, or distracts herself with mystery novels, putting together puzzles, and hiking alongside her partner and beagle/lab mix.

We are so lucky to have had Jenna’s support for nearly 5 years now! Her passion and commitment to seeing the change we want in this world is inspiring. Thank you Jenna for all that you do!

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