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“There are more of us than there are of you. You can poison the planet so you can make money, but we’re going to defend the planet so we can live. And we will win.”

– Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Action of The Month: Join us for Climate Lobby Week March 6-11 & Call for Bold Climate Leadership!  –> Click here to RSVP! 

A New 350 CO Divestment Win: Pitkin County Plans to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Thanks to our 350 Roaring Fork Valley local team, Pitkin County will be the second county in Colorado to officially divest from the fossil fuel industry.

Support Strong Climate Legislation in 2022: Climate Lobby Week is March 6-11th! 

The 2022 legislative session is underway and 350 Colorado is working to support strong climate legislation and policy, continuing calls for strong climate leadership and bold action this year.

Climate Hero of March 2022 – Jenna Parker

Jenna Parker got involved with 350 Colorado in the Fall of 2017 through our Tour de Frack campaign. From the beginning she has made a regular effort to get involved, starting with signing different petitions and letters of support. Whether they had to do with ending fracking, holding the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) accountable, or supporting public banking, Jenna knew the importance of raising one’s voice and fighting for the various changes we want to see.   Meet Jenna! 

The Marshall Fire Brings the Climate Crisis Home 

In addition to the thousands of Coloradans already impacted, more and more Coloradans are seeing the effects of the climate crisis in their own lives. For many, the Marshall Fire’s impact and the devastation it wrought renewed the resolve to fight climate change.  Learn more. 


Xcel’s Clean Energy Plan Falls Short: What You Need to Know to Take Action

The Public Utilities Commission is now ruling on an expensive plan for our electrical system, despite being denied the necessary range of options required by Colorado law. This clearly illustrates the need for a different approach to decarbonizing Colorado’s electrical system, which has been shown to be key to achieving Colorado’s greenhouse gas reductions goals.  Learn more. 

Upcoming Events & Actions

Please view our full calendar to join local team meetings, committee conference calls & more

Video of the Month

350 Colorado interviews Dr. Amy Townsend-Small on the problems of methane pollution from low-producing “stripper” wells, the impacts on our climate and environment, and the regulations that perpetuate the problem.