For Immediate Release, October 11, 2019

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Greta Thunberg Joins Youth Activists for Denver Climate Strike Today

Youth activists and environmental groups host panel and die-in at Civic Center Park

DENVER – Today at noon, Climate activist Greta Thunberg will join thousands in Civic Center Park for a climate strike. Her visit aims to support the work of youth organizers leading local climate strike efforts, including the Sept. 20 Denver strike which had over 7,500 participants.

Greta will stand in solidarity with communities in Colorado suffering impacts from fossil fuel development and climate change, including those facing neighborhood fracking. Colorado’s youth organizers are calling to end all fossil fuel expansion, a rapid and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy, and for fossil fuel companies to be held responsible for the damage they have caused. See full demands here. 

The event will include a panel of youth activists and frontline community members, ending with a mass die-in for 11 minutes. The action will symbolize the millions facing danger and death due to the climate crisis and the 11 years the most recent IPCC report gave world leaders to solve the climate crisis.

Participants will paint red and black hands over their mouths to show solidarity for Missing and Murdered Indigenous, Black and Migrant Womxn and children. This action follows an art installation of hundreds of red and black dresses that were displayed on the 16th Street Mall during the Colorado Climate Strike Week of Action. 

Event organizers include International Indigenous Youth Council, Fridays for Future, Earth Guardians, Sunrise Colorado, Youth Climate Strikes U.S., 350 Colorado, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion Denver, & more. 

When: October 11, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. (media with camera equipment please arrive by 11:00 a.m.)

Where: Civic Center Park – Greek Amphitheater – 150 W 14th Ave, Denver, CO, 80204

Who: Greta Thunberg and representatives from the International Indigenous Youth Council, Earth Guardians, Fridays for Future, 350 Colorado, Zero-Hour & more. 

Visuals: Panel of youth activists, mass die-in protest at Civic Center Park, thousands with hands painted over their mouths, prayer and ceremony performed by local indigenous leaders.

Livestream and photos will be uploaded to 350 Colorado’s Facebook. 


**Greta will not be taking interviews, a press conference, or interacting with the media or any crowd members.**

  • You are encouraged to cover the strike event and panel, but will not be allowed to ask questions and are asked to be respectful of other participants.

  • Local youth activists and panelists will be available for interviews after the die-in has completed in front of the stage area at approximately 2:00 p.m.

  • There will be reserved first come first served parking for media vehicles along Bannock Street between Colfax and 14th Ave. When you arrive, please check in with Laura Fronckiewicz at the corner of 14th & Bannock.

  • There will be a designated space for media in the amphitheater. The details will be provided at check-in at 14th and Bannock. Press credentials will be required to gain access to the press area for film and photo coverage.

Quote Deck

“I strike today to give back for the ones who walked before us, and for those who will walk after me. If it wasn’t for my ancestors fighting for me to be here today, I wouldn’t be able to fight for those who will walk after me.” -Micaela Iron Shell-Dominguez, International Indigenous Youth Council

“Greta is striking with us in Denver on Friday, but we are not focusing on her fame, we are focusing on the crisis that Colorado faces as a state. The oil and gas industry is failing our children and poisoning our air, and they are not stopping their quest for expansion. This friday, we are not focusing on an ego boost, but a direct look at the issues we have at hand and elevating the black and brown youth voices whose voices are primarily overshadowed. We will not forget the missing and murdered indigenous women who have been affected by this climate crisis, and stand as a community, for a more just and sustainable world,” said Marlow Baines of Earth Guardians.

Jessica Abkarian, Sunrise Movement CO:  “This movement is one in a million. This movement will never end, because the planet will always need advocates, and advocates will always need a planet with clean air and water. Unfortunately, our earth’s cries have fallen upon many deaf ears. The youth have gathered, and we hear her. Action is how we speak. We will speak until the government hears us.”

Ellory Boyd, Sunrise Movement CO: We are the young people who regularly miss school to show up here and demand that our elected officials both recognize the indisputable science of impending climate disaster and change our laws, our politics, and our priorities accordingly. We are often told that none of our actions will matter if we don’t vote. I want to make it clear that while it’s essential to vote once you are 18, your representatives have an obligation to listen to your voice, no matter your age. Speak out, show up, and take a stand.

“Adults in power, you have the chance to do the right thing and you won’t. Why do you tolerate lawless behavior and corruption? Why do you look away, lie, and act as if this is too big for you to take on? Because it’s not. You must act! Altering scientific testimony, playing take backs with regulations, rebuking scientists, and downplaying risks is appalling behavior. It’s beyond lame. It’s desperation and the end of freedom as we know it. Scientific consensus and integrity will not be bent to your political views. The world sees your transgressions and they will soon be unforgivable,” Haven Coleman Co-Executive Director Youth Climate Strikes U.S.

“We are excited that Greta will be joining us to recognize and stand alongside our amazing youth, frontline community members, and activists who have been spearheading the local strike efforts. Our voices grow stronger with each individual that joins the movement. We hope Greta’s voice added to ours will help wake Colorado leaders up to the need for bold climate action now,” said Julia Williams of 350 Colorado.

“On Friday, we are striking because we have no more options. Our politicians have forgotten to listen and the adults have not done enough, so us, youth, have to take up this call to action. We are calling for collaboration, swift and cohesion innovation. Strike with us on Friday to be a part of this pivotal moment in history,” said Marlow Baines of Earth Guardians.

Names and Spellings of Speakers/Panelists: 

Emcees: Marlow Baines (Earth Guardians) & Thomas Lopez  (International Indigenous Youth Council)

Opening Prayer:  Ken Frost – Cheyenne Chief

Opening Remarks: Haven Coleman, 13, Co-Executive Director Youth Climate Strikes U.S.


Micaela Iron Shell-Dominguez -IIYC

Isata Kanu

Renae Milard-Chacon – Womxn from the Mountain

Ellory Boyd- Sunrise Colorado

Madhvi Chittoor

Wazhinguda Eli Horinek – IIYC

Greta Thunberg – Fridays for Future

Panel Question Askers:

Dylan Gray – 350 Colorado

Liam Grove – Earth Guardians Denver

Maya Beauveneu – Earth Guardians Boulder

Megan Neufeld – Earth Guardians Boulder

Ehret Nottingham – Earth Guardians Fort Collins

Song & Die-in Revival: Dylan Gray & Micah Parkin (350 Colorado)