It’s spring! People are talking about gardening and food–how to do it and how to connect with local regenerative farmers and ranchers. Because regenerative food growing is a vital climate mitigation strategy and to strengthen the local regenerative food system in Colorado,  350CO Regen Ag and Local Food Systems Committee created the Colorado Local Food and Regenerative Agriculture Hub Facebook group–please join and meet everyone! And for more information, the Local Food Systems and  Regenerative Ag Hub page on our website.

We started with these and Crop Mobster, a local food system exchange network. It works like Craigslist—-fast, easy, quick– but for the local food system. No more waste! When all of us join, we will have a very robust local food system platform in Colorado. Sign up as an individual or organization. 

Are you a consumer looking to buy regenerative produce from a small producer? Are you a rancher or farmer needing to shift to direct consumer sales? Are you a gardener looking to sell niche products?

Are you a new farmer looking for land and a community? Are you a volunteer wanting to help out on a regenerative small farm or garden?

Are you new to regenerative food growing and want to know more about it? Is this the time to finally delve into biodynamics, permaculture, aquaculture, no-till? Are you an apartment dweller with a window or a balcony looking to grow herbs in a pot or find community gardening land?

Are you a veggie gardener wanting to learn how to grow grains and bake your own bread from your own seed? Are you looking for inspiration on how to cook and eat fresh grains, beans, produce? On how to process and store food for the winter? Are you bridging the gap between good food and people who need it right now?

Are you wanting to grow in a way that helps heal the land and the water cycle and mitigates climate change?

If so, we invite you to join us!  Post your resources and needs.

And please join us at the Denver Chapter’s  Healthy Soil and Regeneration Online Discussion

Tuesday May 5 6-7:30 pm