Help stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership!TPP_final

Please send a message urging our Congressional delegation oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  The TPP is a massive international agreement that threatens democracy and the climate.  The TPP will create powerful private “tribunals” empowered to force governments at all levels to change or repeal policies protecting our communities and the environment if they reduce the profits of foreign corporations.

President Obama recently banned the KXL pipeline because the transport of dirty tar sands oil conflicts with U.S. and global climate goals.  Trans-Canada, the corporation behind KXL recently sued the U.S. for $15 billion in a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) tribunal.  A ruling against the U.S. would force a reversal of the decision or payment in the billions of dollars!

Under a much more powerful TPP many similar suits will emerge to thwart our democracy, endanger our health, pollute the environment and worsen climate change.  Colorado and its cities will not be exempt.

The TPP will:

– Allow foreign corporations to attack climate policies in unaccountable and undemocratic private tribunals overriding environmental laws and bypassing our courts.
– Enable corporations to shift production overseas where pollution laws are lax and labor is cheap, thereby increasing carbon emissions and threatening American jobs.
– Increase fracking by mandating automatic approval of all liquefied natural gas exports.
– Impose new limits on government efforts to combat climate change.

Thank you for taking action!