Fossil Free Your Life – Participate in our monthly Eco-Challenges!

Throughout 2016, 350 Colorado is rallying supporters to take part in a monthly Eco-Challenge designed to start us on a path to a Fossil-Free lifestyle.  Join the movement and participate with us!  Each Eco-Challenge is designed to be an easy and fun way to remind ourselves that each of us CAN contribute and make a difference starting NOW.

Won’t you join us?  Click here to sign up for the monthly Eco-Challenge!

NOVEMBER ECO-CHALLENGE:ecochallengenov-thmb

Civic Engagement – Vote Climate!

& Vote NO on 71!

Civic participation empowers EVERY citizen to engage in the community and influence policy.  We can peacefully participate in politics – use our voice as a community to support or change policy, be educated about our local decisions and actions, be a voice that can be heard, and let our collective needs be met.  

**Strong civic health leads to robust, resilient communities, better government and a more inclusive democracy, improved community outcomes such as health and education, and a greater ability to weather economic crisis. Simply put, when people are civically engaged, they are healthier, and their communities are stronger.

Vote Climate and Vote NO on Amendment #71– an effort by wealthy special interests like oil and gas to block grassroots access to the ballot. Learn more here!  Climate change isn’t going away anytime soon – we all need to recognize the power in numbers we have if we continue to stand up for what we believe it, stay informed on the issues, and support the people fighting climate-related problems.   


Here are your eco-challenges for the month:

  1. Get informed on the issues, especially Amendment #71
  2. Mail in your ballot by Nov. 1st or get out and vote!
  3. Attend a local public meeting – check your local county or town’s website for their public meetings and attend one you feel connected to.
  4. Volunteer – choose a one-time event, or maybe use this opportunity to commit long-term to an organization you stand behind (extra points for volunteering with your local 350 group – wink wink)
  5. Attend your next local 350 monthly meeting – use this this to give feedback about the Eco-Challenges: what did you like/not like, what ideas might you have, etc

BONUS: Interact with at least one new neighbor in your community!  To do this work together, we must become more connected with our community.