Each month, 350 Colorado recognizes one of our many volunteers who are actively involved and working to make a difference in our climate movement. This month we’re recognizing Sam Allen, who graduated from Fort Lewis College and majored in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. When he’s not working with our national forests doing trail restoration and construction or as a fire lookout, you can find him volunteering with 350 Colorado as well as Sierra Club, Protect Our Winters, the Wilderness Conference in Palisade, or at the Environmental Center in Durango when he was a student. He’s also lent his time and energy on a variety of farms in Colorado, New Mexico and California. 

Sam appreciates his work with 350 Colorado as “350CO focuses on various aspects of environmental advocacy and targets key focal points.” He has joined 350 Colorado’s Lobby Days at the Capitol, and has jumped into our workshops on intersectionality and environmental justice. He is an active member of several of 350 CO’s committees including the Renewable Energy Committee and Public Lands Committee. “350CO addresses global issues but also brings awareness and pressure to local issues on public lands and legislation in Colorado,” shares Sam. 

He has recently been part of 350 Colorado’s new Air Quality Control Commission Rulemaking Committee and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Rulemaking Committee, which both meet weekly. “Our goal is to ensure the new oil and gas reform law SB181 will be implemented well so that the environment is more protected. It has been interesting to me to sort through the main arguments and look at the scientific research of possible harm from oil and gas extraction,” he says.

“Working on climate impacts is vital because it is one of the most pressing issues. 350CO and other organizations like it are important as they resist the dominant narrative of continuing this way of life,” shares Sam. We’re so grateful to have him on board and as an integral part of so many facets of 350 Colorado’s work to build a more sustainable future. Thank you, Sam!