This month we are honoring Ron Booth as 350 Colorado’s Climate Hero of the Month. Ron has been a tireless advocate for social change and climate justice throughout his life, and has contributed to a number of 350 Colorado efforts over the years. Ron has been actively involved in speaking out at ongoing Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission hearings, calling for stronger protections of public health and safety – and an end to fossil fuel permits that continue to harm Colorado’s communities and environment. 

“Ron is one of those people who shows up at the most important moments. In August and September of this year, he was actively involved in our new efforts calling on the Federal Reserve to appoint a true climate leader and to make lending decisions in line with the Paris Agreement aiming to keep global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees,” shared Deb McNamara, 350 Colorado’s Campaign Director. “He hand-painted a banner calling for an end to fossil fuel finance and was sure to show up in protest when we called for an action in front of Denver’s Federal Reserve Branch.” 

A week later Ron was at the Code Red Grassroots Press Conference highlighting Colorado’s air quality issues and calling for stronger leadership from our Governor and the Air Quality Control Commission in addressing the link between fossil fuel development, pollution and the ongoing climate crisis. He can constantly be counted on to remind people that we are indeed ‘out of time,’ and is regularly willing to participate in the most creative Non-Violent Direct Actions and can often be found in costume. 

Ron is an incredible volunteer to the Colorado climate movement. Whether it is a small training or a big mobilization, you can always count on Ron to be there. You can always count on Ron to bring the energy and passion to rally everyone at the event. From his colorful costumes to his event live streams, Ron has been critical to helping build a powerful force for change.

Thank you Ron!

From Ron: 

Over the years I’ve joined forces with many others on a host of issues, we’ve seen progress and setbacks, victories and defeats but never felt defeated. I stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters and all my relatives as I stand for my Mother the Earth.

There have been three ideas or principles that have always propelled me forward:

1– “If you can’t do it with a smile on your face and a song in your heart, maybe you shouldn’t do it at all”-Crosby, Still Nash & Young @ Woodstock 1969

2- “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead 1978

3- “Everyone should be “willing” to sacrifice their liberties in defense of this marvelous, magical, wonderful planet of ours but no one should ever “need” to if enough of us rise to the occasion.” -Ron Booth

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