“If divestment can happen for Harvard University with an endowment the size of a small nation, then other universities, state governments, and powerful actors have no excuse,” – Isa Flores-Jones, a Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard alumna

Action of the Month: Attend the Oct. 29 Youth Climate Strike & Fossil Free Fed Action in Denver. Click here to learn more.

What the Frack is Fracking? A 101 Guide

Fracking has been a hot-button national issue and it’s a top priority for 350 Colorado. If you’re still not clear on the specifics, don’t worry! We’ve got an explainer for you. Click here to learn more. 

AQCC September 2021 Meeting Update

The agenda for the September meeting of the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission included a request by the Air Pollution Control Division for a hearing to establish oil and gas emissions reduction strategies. Learn more here. 

image of a bee on a purple flower7 Ways To Use Your Yard (Or Balcony!) To Fight Climate Change

Focusing on the ecosystem outside your front door can help make the climate crisis less overwhelming. Replace your grass with native plants, attract pollinators, and more! Click here to check it out. 

Tell CDOT to Invest in Transportation Equity, Not Highway Expansions 

As many people know, Congress is in the middle of passing gigantic bills dealing with infrastructure.  Republicans and Democrats are assembling a bipartisan coalition to fund transportation infrastructure — mainly highways, though more transit than usual — as part of a $1 trillion package. The question now is what Colorado should do with the influx of funds. Click here to learn more. 

Climate Hero of the Month

This month we are honoring Ron Booth as 350 Colorado’s Climate Hero of the Month. Ron has been a tireless advocate for social change and climate justice throughout his life, and has contributed to a number of 350 Colorado efforts over the years.  Meet Ron!

Video of the Month

What is Regenerative Agriculture on a larger scale, and what role do these practices play as climate mitigation tools? In this webinar, Debbie Reed will help us break down these practices, understand the greater concepts of the science behind them, and discuss the potential they hold!

Upcoming Events & Actions

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