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Quick Actions


Write a Letter to the Editor or OP-ED to your local paper

Did you know that the ‘opinions’ section of the newspaper is one of the most-read sections? Please join 350 Colorado in raising awareness about climate change, oil and gas development in our state and related issues. We have helpful talking points and instructions so you can create effective, powerful letters that will inspire others to take action.

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Stop the Suncor Refinery, Support Green New Deal Now!

Tell Colorado elected officials to choose a clean, fossil-free future with a Green New Deal and shut down the toxic Suncor refinery.

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Support Public Banking and Banking Choice in Colorado

Add your name to this letter in support of legislation enabling cities and counties in Colorado to create public banks and bank with credit unions. This is a crucial step for cities to divest from fossil fuel funding banks like JP Morgan Chase.

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Learn Something New

Attend an Upcoming Volunteer Orientation with 350 Colorado!

Learn more about climate change and what you can do about it. Want to attend an upcoming Volunteer Orientation online? Email Chelsea@350colorado.org to sign up. 

350 Colorado hosts monthly volunteer orientations where you will learn all you need to know to get involved and begin taking action. Email Chelsea to sign up, and check out our events calendar at the link below to find upcoming events and opportunities.

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Get Involved

Join a campaign committee!

Help oversee and execute our campaigns. As a committee volunteer, you can help provide key strategic insights, help with ongoing tasks, and help us brainstorm creative strategies and tactics to help ensure wins. All campaign committee meetings are virtual and can be joined by phone or computer.

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Become a virtual volunteer!

We are always looking for passionate and talented volunteers to help advance our campaigns. Current volunteer needs include:

  • Communications – We are seeking volunteers to help with copywriting, social media, creating content for our newsletter & Google Ads.
  • Local Teams Leaders – Do you want to make your community a leader in climate policy? We are seeking volunteers with a passion for leadership to organize campaigns in your home town.
  • Community Outreach – Help welcome new members to the climate movement, table at events, and build connections with other nonprofits.
  • Administrative – Entering names from event sign-ups, managing database & online organizing.
  • And so much more! If you have a specific skill you can contribute, please reach out.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email your information and how you want to help to volunteer@350colorado.org.






Join over 700 Coloradans in making a donation to power our campaigns. Our staff are working around the clock to make Colorado a national leader in climate policy. Can you pitch in with a donation?

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