“In 2022, I would love to see more corporate accountability for climate change. I’m also hoping for progress on the state’s efforts to electrify vehicles and public transit. Personally, one of my resolutions is to keep advocating for pro-environmental policies while also giving myself permission to rest as needed.” – Mikkela, 350CO volunteer

“2021 has been an enormous year of growth and learning. In 2022 I hope to see continued commitment to advancing justice and equity in all parts of our world and especially in our movement. Personally, I also hope to see a commitment from Colorado to phase out fossil fuel extraction and production in the state by 2030.” – Julia, 350CO staff

“I’m personally looking forward to helping grow an intersectional climate movement that is compassionate, resilient, and hell-bent on creating a more equitable world, starting with our disproportionately impacted communities here in Colorado. The fight of our lives deserves nothing less.” – Chelsea, 350CO staff 

“My deepest hope for the coming year is that the individuals and entities that hold the primary decision-making powers will recognize that the status quo is  no longer viable and that a shift in priorities is needed right away in order to steer us towards a fossil free future. I’m hoping for the sea-tide shift that we desperately need – and for deepened resilience building along the way, both personal and collective.” – Deb, 350CO staff 

“My hope for 2022 is a state-wide awakening to the fact that we can’t just reduce emissions, we need to eliminate them. I’m excited for a new year that has at its heart a collaboration of creative, grassroots energy and diverse, empowered voices. It’s what we’re going to need to end business-as-usual and create a sustainable world for all.” – Kate, 350CO staff

“In 2022, I want to see the climate movement re-energized, united, growing and demanding the actions necessary to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C, including a commitment from state and federal leaders to phase out fossil fuel production (including oil and gas!) by 2030.” – Micah, 350CO Executive Director and Co-founder