Elisabeth and granddaughterIn October of 2013 I became a grandmother. Suddenly and forcefully, the survival of Planet Earth, the meaning of “sustainable into the 7th generation” struck a new, very personal cord.

I joined 350 Colorado to be better informed and get actively involved. The to-do list for achieving a safe climate and sustainable future could easily be overwhelming, but 350 Colorado is tackling it through three main categories: 1) resisting extreme energy, 2) supporting creative local solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and 3) movement building – because the strength of our numbers is our best weapon against Big Oil’s Big Money. 

I am also volunteering my time as 350 Colorado’s “Fundraising Fairy”.  I’ve learned that as a young, vibrant organization 350 Colorado achieves a lot through volunteer work. However, some important items need to be paid for: I.T. costs, printing and copying outreach materials, office expenses, event costs, a modest salary for our fabulous organizer Micah and other necessary line items.

I am ready to give up some lattes and a sandwich for a healthier planet: $20/month. I will hardly miss the indulgence.

Please do the same – donate now, and consider checking the box to become a monthly donor!  Any amount really helps!

Join me in becoming a member, supporter, partner, donor, ally and accomplice in this vital work. It’s the only planet we have.