SB21-200 is set to hit the Senate floor on Friday (5/12)! Polis is doing everything in his power to ensure it doesn’t pass the floor to avoid having to veto it. We need to tell our Senators to stay strong and vote yes on this important bill.

#1 Call the Key Swing Legislators

  1. Sen. Rachel Zenzinger 303-866-4840
  2. Sen. Chris Kolker 303-866-4883
  3. Sen. Robert Rodriguez 303-866-4852
  4. Sen. Leroy Garcia 303-866-4878
  5. Sen. Kerry Donovan 303-866-4871
  6. Sen. Chris Hansen 303-866-4861
  7. Sen. James Coleman 303-866-2909
  8. Sen. Rhonda Fields 303-866-4879
  9. Rep. Alec Garnett 303-866-2911

Sample Phone Script (more talking points below): 

Hi _(official)_,
My name is _____ and I live ____. I am calling/writing to urge you to support Senate Bill 200, the Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Increase Environmental Justice Bill. It has been two years since the legislature passed and the governor signed its laudable greenhouse gas reduction targets but they remain unenforceable. We are not on track to meet our 2025 target of 26% reductions. SB-200 would make sure we begin implementing them. We are in a climate crisis and can’t afford to rely on voluntary measures.
Thank you.

#2 Email the Colorado State Senate


  1. Customize the talking points below into an email body
  2. Send two emails, one to the Key Swing Senators and the final email to Your State Legislators. Copy and paste the email addresses into the BCC line of each email.  

Email 1: Paste the following Email Addresses into the BCC line, and send an email using talking points below: 

  1. Dear Senator:;;;;;;; 
  2. Dear Mr. Speaker: 

Email 2: Send an email to your state senator and representative using the talking points below.

  1. Look up your state legislator here by typing in your address and then find their contact information here. In your email, clearly state that you are their constituent and state which city/town you live in.

Talking Points for Legislators: 

  • We urge you to support SB21-200.
  • Low-income and BIPOC communities will continue to experience environmental inequity if we do not meet our science-based climate objectives. SB-200 would create desperately needed environmental justice staff, allocate funding, require actions that would engage disproportionately impacted communities, and ensure that our climate policies will work toward community benefits and restorative justice.
  • The only way we can successfully meet the climate goals that were signed into law with the passage of 19-126 is to hold industries within the electricity, oil and gas, transportation, and building sectors accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions. It’s time we close loopholes that let habitual polluters off the hook. SB-200 will help us accomplish that.
  • We’re behind on meeting our climate goals because HB-1261 does not have an enforceable deadline for processes. SB-200 fixes this problem by setting a reasonable timeline for rulemaking. AQCC will have almost another year to complete the process set out two years ago.
  • SB21-200 while not perfect, would help ensure that Colorado does its part to address the climate crisis by meeting its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals for 2025 and 2030.
  • Achieving 26% GHG emissions reductions by 2025 and then 50% reductions by 2030 is doable but will require a serious effort by all Coloradans.  SB21-200 will help us succeed in this task. 

#3 Attend an Action!

Thursday, May 13th – 11:30-1:00 p.m. – Climate Sit-In: Lunch on the Lawn
We are gathering for a COVID-safe, socially distant lunch on the Capitol west lawn on Thursday, May 13th to demonstrate our support for climate justice and call on Governor Polis to support SB 200.
Bring a blanket, a handmade poster, and a packed lunch for an hour of speakers, music, and socially distant rallying in support of SB 200! ***Masks and social distancing are required, and blankets must be 6 feet apart.***
Lunch rally attendees are encouraged to make and bring their own signs. Here are some messaging offerings to consider:
– Put People Over Profit
– People over Polluters
– for youth/kids: “Polis don’t veto our future!”
– Follow Your Own Roadmap!
– Follow Through on YOUR Roadmap!
– SB200 Supports Your Roadmap!
– SB200 IS Environmental Justice
– Act on Climate Justice – Support SB200
Thursday, May 13th – 5:30-6:30 p.m. – SB21-200 Rapid Response Action Hour
Join 350 Colorado and Mothers Out Front for a one-hour virtual outreach party to pressure our elected officials to pass SB21-200. SB 200 will mandate the state begin cutting its climate-warming pollution, enforcing the largely voluntary greenhouse gas reduction “Roadmap” passed two years ago.
We will guide you through a series of advocacy actions that target key decision-makers. The bill has good odds in both Democratic-controlled chambers but we need to be loud to ensure its passage and signing by the Governor. We will be calling and emailing legislators and the Governor, signing and sharing one-click letters, and amplifying on social media.
SB-200 is an enormous opportunity to show national leadership in addressing the climate crisis. We can’t afford to wait another year!
*This event will be reoccurring weekly on Thursday through the legislative session* 
Check out the full toolkit of ways to take action here!