Coloradans tell Sen. Michael Bennet: REJECT THE KXL PIPELINE!

On April 22nd Senator Michael Bennet voted to support the KXL tar sands oil pipeline via a budget amendment.  On April 5th, the 2-week anniversary of this vote, 350 Colorado and partners gathered outside Sen. Bennet’s office for a “Funeral for Our Future” to mourn future impacts of climate change if the KXL pipeline is not stopped. The purpose was to send Sen. Bennet back to DC with a strong message: if he cares about climate change and our future, he must change his position and reject the KXL pipeline!


Thanks so much to the 120+ people who joined the event and shared their grief and their gratitude for those who are standing against the pipeline! There was a beautiful eulogy from Rev. Peter Sawtell of Eco-Justice Ministries (read it here) and moving statements from all who spoke.  Everyone wrote down what they are in mourning for should the KXL pipeline be approved and climate change accelerate as anticipated.  These notes were placed in a black coffin one by one.  After the ceremony, the notes were delivered to Senator Bennet’s staff.

One of Sen. Bennet’s staff members appeared toward the end of the action, expressed anger about our last action being too raucous and disrespectful and about the chalk art messages our children left for Sen. Bennet.  We explained that we feel Sen. Bennet’s vote for the pipeline was disrespectful to all of us and our children’s futures.  The staff again tried to say that the vote was simply procedural and did not have bearing on the Senator’s feelings about the pipeline.  Again we explained that neither the amendment’s sponsors nor political analysts saw it that way, that the vote puts pressure on Pres. Obama to accept the pipeline, and that if Sen. Bennet opposes the KXL pipeline, he should release a statement explaining that immediately.  In the absence of such a statement from Sen. Bennet, we’ll just have to keep amping up our efforts. Our sense of responsibility demands it.

Pictures from today’s event are available here.  Please share your pictures from the event on our 350 Colorado Facebook page.

Thank you for helping to protect our future!

(And thanks again to the ~100 people who joined us March 26th (4 days after the vote) to express our disappointment with Bennet’s pro-KXL vote.  We staged a “human oil spill” on the office steps.  You can read this blog to learn more about that event and pictures are available here.)

Want to take action now? Leave a message for Sen. Bennet regarding your concerns about the pipeline.  Denver Office: 303-455-7600.  DC office: 202-224-5852.