Paul Culnan is a “super-volunteer” with 350 colorado, supporting our organization in virtually every way a person can support us: from financial support to helping with policy analysis to participating in nonviolent direct actions at the Colorado state capitol. By observing the way that Paul takes action on climate change in his own life, one can quickly understand the multitude of things that we can all be doing to build a better future. From driving an electric vehicle and installing solar panels on his own home to advocating for bold climate laws, rules and regulations and marching in the streets, Paul is truly a multifaceted climate hero. 

Beyond his sharp analytical intelligence and patient people skills, Paul doesn’t hesitate to say what needs to be said when testifying in decision-making venues like the Air Quality Control Commission and the Colorado State Legislature. His willingness to speak truth to power in an intelligent yet unequivocally simple way has helped our elected officials and volunteers alike understand with clarity how we can solve this crisis. After all, as Paul constantly reminds us – it’s actually quite simple. “We need to stop burning fossil fuels. Period.” 

Paul’s commitment to moving Colorado beyond fossil-fuel dependence has contributed tremendous value to our organization. We’re lucky to have him. 

Any time there is a call to action for the climate, from policy advocacy to direct action and everything in between, you will find Paul there, ready to step in and help in whatever way is needed. His graciousness and generosity shine through in everything he does for the climate movement.