“Climate impacts at 2 degrees will be worse than 1.5 degrees, and definitely worse at 3 degrees than at 2. But there’s never a point at which it becomes too late to act.”

— Zeke Hausfather – IPCC contributing author

Action of The Month: Call your federal legislators to demand no cuts to climate, jobs, or justice!  Click here to take action! 

forest fire pictureWhy Colorado keeps burning and flooding

Fires destroy vegetation, which cause floods, which lead to easily burned dry areas. This tragic cycle of weather in recent years can be directly linked to human causation. Learn more. 

Explaining the Front Range’s poor air quality

This summer’s endless haze is caused in part by California wildfire smoke. But the more insidious culprit is a local issue – ozone.  Learn more.

image of the cover of the book Site Fidelity by Claire Boyles, featuring the image of a sage grouseBook review – Indelible connection to place: Site Fidelity By Claire Boyles

In her debut short story collection, Site Fidelity, author Claire Boyles explores the beautiful and precarious nature of living in the American West. The tenacious characters that fill this collection fight for their land and livelihoods, despite the obstacles of climate change and capitalism. Learn more. 

350CO calls for a fossil-free Federal Reserve & shares urgent demands to end fossil fuel finance

Last week marked the Federal Reserve’s Economic Symposium where the Fossil Free Federal Reserve campaign launched with calls for climate leadership, an accounting for climate risk, and an end to fossil fuel finance.  Learn more. 

September Climate Hero of the Month!

Brent Goodlett is a Colorado Climate Hero! Brent worked tirelessly to engage our elected leaders during the  Legislative Session and his efforts were crucial in helping Colorado to pass bold climate legislation. Click here to meet Brent! 

Video of the Month

Eco! Colorado Episode 5: Get your environmental news in 15 min or less from CO’s newest podcast in Spanish and English. Listen here or follow us on Spotify.

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