Thank you to our amazing interns for all of their hard work this summer!

Giselle Herzfeld

As a long-time youth advocate for progressive politics and a rising senior at Reed College, Giselle has become increasingly alarmed by the “business as usual” way of thinking and acting in the face of the rising climate crisis. Her passion for environmental activism inspired her to intern with 350 Colorado this summer, where she helped to mobilize local activists to fight fracking in their communities and spoke with various state legislators about fossil fuel divestment through statewide public banking. As a political science major, Giselle has been active in electoral campaigns at every level of government. She has also circulated a variety of progressive statewide ballot initiatives, including collecting hundreds of signatures to help get Proposition 112 on the Colorado ballot.  Giselle is driven by a deep love for the natural world and a lifelong belief that our health is directly dependent on the health of the ecosystems we inhabit. She intends to continue to stand as a voice of hope for current and future generations in the fight for a just and sustainable future. 

Ian Thom

Ian Thom is a summer intern with 350 Colorado who is based out of Boulder, CO. Ian grew up in Boulder, and after a short stint away has returned to Colorado in order to work towards addressing the environmental issues our state faces. He is passionate about ensuring that the community he was raised in is protected and improved for the residents that inhabit it and for posterity. 

With a background in aerospace engineering, Ian is new to the environmental advocacy field. As such, he found getting involved in 350 Colorado’s work to be an excellent way to learn about the local issues and strive towards sustainable solutions. During his internship he was able to get involved in a variety of campaigns – working on issues involving fracking, public outreach, and divestment. Ian had the opportunity to attend a variety of public hearings and community meetings, learning first hand about what is happening in our state and what still needs to be done to ensure we have a habitable future.

Emily Adrid 

My name is Emliy Adrid, and I grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I went to Mountain Vista High School, and now I attend the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. I am majoring Ecosystem Science and Policy with minors in Anthropology and Political Science. I will be going into my Junior year this fall. Interning with 350 Colorado this summer has been a life changing experience. I learned so much from my mentors, peers and the 350 community. This was my first time working for a grassroots organization, and I realized just how much work and energy is put into community organizing and creating social movements. Standing up for what you believe in is difficult, and I was pushed outside of my comfort zone. However, after three months of working for this organization, I have become a confident spokeswoman eager to fight for the issues that need to be addressed by not only Coloradans, but citizens of this planet! 350 has empowered me to find my voice as I begin to navigate my way through these complex issues. I am so grateful that I was able to work for 350 Colorado and make a positive impact in my home state. I will be continuing my work with 350 Colorado as we move into the fall, and I will also be working with 350 South Florida when I go back to school. I am so lucky to be part of an internationally esteemed activism network that does amazing work in so many communities around the world. 

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