Fossil Free Your Life – Participate in our monthly Eco-Challenges!Sept EcoChallenge

Throughout 2016, 350 Colorado is rallying supporters to take part in a monthly Eco-Challenge designed to start us on a path to a Fossil-Free lifestyle.  Join the movement and participate with us!  Each Eco-Challenge is designed to be an easy and fun way to remind ourselves that each of us CAN contribute and make a difference starting NOW.


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Become a locavore – fight climate change with your fork!

It’s Harvest Season… if you haven’t been reaping the local bounty, it’s time to enjoy fresh and locally grown food!


“By choosing local produce, you can reduce fuel consumption and global warming pollution associated with transporting food, help lift your local agricultural communities, strengthen the local economy, and protect the environment – all by eating fresher, tastier fruits and vegetables.”  – Natural Resources Defense Council

In Colorado, we import about 97% of everything we eat, as Michael Brownlee points out in his article,  “A Deeper Revolution”.   We can strengthen our food security by promoting local food production and growing our own produce in backyards and balconies.  Did you know,  “the globalized food system contributes significant amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere exacerbating climate change – some say as much as 19-30% of total carbon emissions!”


Eating locally, is a perfect opportunity to reduce your fossil fuel consumption by reducing your food miles (the distance your food travels before it gets to you, the consumer).  In the U.S. food travels on average 1,500 miles from farm to consumer! (Worldwatch).  We have a huge opportunity, by voting with our dollars, to support a resilient and diverse local economy, that can significantly reduce our negative impact on the climate.  

Start today!  Even one small step towards consuming more local food is a step in the right direction!  


  • Buy at least 1 local food item a week for the month of September.
  • Visit a farmers’ market or farm at least once.  Share a photo of your local harvest!
  • Come to 350Boulder’s Edible Learning Garden (at the Boulder Public Library on Arapahoe).  Every Sunday 4-5PM volunteers help harvest and maintain our community garden.
  • Try a new vegetable, fruit, meat, dairy product, or drink from your area.



BONUS: Eat 75% or more of local food for the whole month.


And here are some resources:

Local Food & Fighting Climate Change With Your Fork

  • A list of 350Colorado food organizations and programs you could be a part of…

Local Harvest

  • A website that helps connect you to local farms, farmers’ markets, restaurants, and more.

Local Food Shift

  • A magazine for the local food revolution!  Stay connected to what’s going on, and how you can contribute.

Thanks for participating!

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