We Demand An End to Fracking – By Intern Ian Thom

Broomfield residents know all too well the dangers that fracking poses to their community’s health, safety, and quality of life. Their children are experiencing chronic nose bleeds, they are experiencing hair loss, and are no longer able to enjoy their backyards and community parks due to the emissions and noise from fracking operations. Broomfield’s residents have had enough. They are outraged that corporations are still able to frack hundreds of feed from homes, schools, and hospitals. They know that action must be taken.

Watch the Livestream here!

To highlight their struggles and desires to live in a community where their health and safety are the top priority, over 250 local community members and supporters gathered on Sunday, October 29th, to stand up against fracking and call for an end of the destructive industry. Together, they planted native plants, fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, and pollinators plants on Broomfield City and County open space with the Livingston fracking site looming a few hundred feet away. This garden symbolizes the need to protect our lands and draw attention to what our lands and communities can look like if we halt the destructive practice of fracking.

Behind the garden they erected a screen, strung between a faux oil derrick and faux wind turbine, where a solar and battery-powered projector will display a “Truth About Fracking” public service announcement each evening. This film presents information about the harmful effects of fracking and the benefits of a renewable energy future (see at bottom of post). Contrasting these two makes it clear that there is only one sensible and ethical path forward – and that is to put an end to fracking! 

This action might have been the final event of the Colorado Climate Strike Week of Action, but it is not the last action needed to protect our communities. We must continue to take action to protect our future. For as Greta Thunberg said as the start of the recent climate strike, “You must unite behind the science. You must take action. You must do the impossible. Because giving up can never ever be an option.”

Update:  The City of Broomfield is considering adopting the garden space, however, the structures with the projection will need to come down on Friday. We are looking for a home in a visible backyard for the projector and display!

Here is the video that has been playing on loop at the garden since we installed it: