The 2022 legislative session is underway and 350 Colorado is working to support strong climate legislation and policy, continuing calls for strong climate leadership and bold action this year. 

We’ll be hosting our annual Climate Lobby Week March 6-11 and we invite you to join us in taking action and connecting with your legislators. We’re also hosting two climate lobby trainings on Sunday, March 6th to kick off our week of action. 

Sign up for Climate Lobby Week 2022 here to 1) meet with your legislators and other advocates from your district, and/or 2) register to attend one of our March 6th Climate Lobby Week Trainings to kick things off. The Adult Workshop is 1-2:30 pm (Q&A until 3 pm) and the Youth Workshop is 4-5:30 pm (Q&A until 6 pm). You’ll learn tips on lobbying, hear about the bills we’re supporting and opposing, and also connect with others who’ve signed up for Climate Lobby Week from your area.

Enacting change can come from passing laws, influencing policy, and holding our elected officials accountable for being climate champions who vote in favor of a sustainable future. We’re focusing on a number of priority bills, from improving building codes to improving air quality.

Here’s how you can take action: 

350 Colorado’s 2022 Legislative Priorities are evolving as new legislation is introduced. Here’s a list of some of the bills we are closely tracking so far this session: 

  1. HB22-1249 “Grid Resilience And Reliability”
  2. HB22-1159 “Waste Diversion and Circular Economy Development Center” – To be heard in House E&E committee: Thur. 3/3/22 at 1:30 PM 
  3. HB22-1244Public Protections from Toxic Air Contaminants”
  4. HB22-1138 “Reduce Employee Single-occupancy Vehicle Trips”
  5. SB22-138 “Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions” 
  6. HB22-1218 – “Resource Efficiency Buildings Electric Vehicles”