Thanks to all of you who worked behind the scenes and came out last week, Break Free Colorado was an incredible success!

In case you missed it, here’s a wonderful video recap of Thursday’s #KeepItIntheGround event at the BLM auction of public lands for fracking. Over 300 people marched to the auction and dozens risked arrest inside, while about 10 people blockaded the doors to the auction.

Saturday’s Frontline Fracking Defense action in Thornton was amazing! Check out the video here. Despite the unexpectedly cold weather, about 800 people joined the action throughout the day. Bill McKibben delivered an inspirational speech, and there were loads of other great speakers, performers, and activities. Hundreds spelled out “BREAK FREE CO” with sun-painted umbrellas, then marched to the adjacent frack site.

The day ended powerfully, with about 30-40 people risking arrest by storming a frack site that is located within eye-shot of an elementary school and is proposed to be expanded to be one of the largest frack sites in the nation. The group was led by a 13-year-old girl, her father and little sister. Police threatened arrests repeatedly, but seemed unwilling to arrest no matter the lines the groups crossed, leaving many to suspect high level orders to refrain from arrests at both events in order to prevent mass press coverage.

See more photos from the Break Free CO events here on flickr and on our Facebook page. Check out media coverage here.

And friends, this is only the beginning! We won’t sit idly by while the fossil fuel industry invades our neighborhoods, makes our children sick, destroys our climate, and sues our communities when we try to protect ourselves with bans or moratoria.

Join us as we focus our collective energies to get the Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking ballot initiatives (giving constitutional authority to create local bans/moratoria and 2500’ setbacks) on this November’s statewide ballot! Together we have the power to defend our health and homes, our climate, and our children’s futures. Let’s mobilize to protect all of our communities from fracking and to transition to a 100% clean energy future. Sign up on the website or join this kick-off event in Jefferson County to learn more and get involved.

Let’s keep breaking free! Together “I believe that we will win!”


The Break Free Colorado Team

P.S. Check out some of the other actions around the world here: “Good reasons #breakfree2016 should give you hope for the future.” Photo album Top 50 or Top 130.